Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ah! Speech Competition!

I'm such a dum-dum. As you all can see, I have been making changes to my blog, making it all christmasy and all. I put it to where only I can see it so that it wouldn't look wierd while I was redecorating. I forgot to change it back to where you can see it though! Whoops! So, sorry about that. Anywho......... As many of you know, two Saturdays ago was the long awaited/dreaded speech competition. I had 3 speeches to give, and it turned out there were two rounds, so I had to give them twice. (I spoke 6 times for those who don't feel like doing math in your head right now.) It started at 11:00 in the morn and ended at 8:00 in the eve. A loooong day, let me tell you! There were probably around 50ish kids there to compete (so I think.....) And as far as I know, they were all homeschooled. The thing that had me the most flustered about the competition was what to wear. (yea, I'm like that) I was just gonna wear a nice sweater, but my teacher thought it not formal enough. So, below is what I wore

I blurred my face because it looked really fat. (yea, I'm like that too) I borrowed my mom's suit jacket because it looked somewhat right, and was purple. :) I have decided that suits are not my thing. They make me look fatter than I really am, and like I have football player shoulder pads on. ick This is what my sister wore. She looked really cute. :) At the end of the day they gave out awards for each category of speeches. I got third place (out of 20 something kids) for my Original Oratory speech. (in this one you can research/write about whatever you want in order to make a 10min speech) I was so excited! I did not expect to place at all!

My two friends got 4th and 2nd place too. So cheers all around! But in my other two categories I didn't place. :( All well, I still think I did well. I just think of it this way, 2 years ago, I wouldn't have been able to stand in front of anyone and give a speech, let alone be judged! That shows you how far I have come over the past few years. Praise God. :) Getting out of your comfort zone little by little really works. Trust me! But I would not have been able to get through the day if it wasn't for my friends. We had a great time together. Here is a video clip of us playing the card game Speed during a break. It helped us relax and not focus on what was to come. :)


Daughter of the King said...

Yayz! I am so glad that I can view your lovely blog again, Ashley! Congrats on 3rd place, girl!!! I really like the new background by the way. =)

The Owl Diary said...

Congratulations! I absolutely hate giving speeches in front of people. So I admire you for being able to do it SIX times. ♥

Beth Ann said...

You both looked great. ;) Love the new banner by the way. :D

*Ashley* said...

sarah- ha yeah, im glad people can actually see it now! i actually posted this speech post about 5 days ago and was wondering why no one was commenting! duh! lol

owl diary- yeah i used to hate giving speeches, but this speech class has brought me a long way! sure i get nervous still but i can actually see it as fun now!

beth- thanks! i was very unsecure about what i was wearing. lol im so silly about that kinda stuff. and thanks....i love decorating my blog. lol

Beth Ann said...

Oh i know...if I don't feel good about my outfit..then I don't feel confident. :P Yup. You and me both. ;)