Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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If you don't mind, I have a few prayer requests for things to come.
  • Speech competition this Sat. I'm doing 3 different catagories and the more I practice, the more I get nervous. (silly me.)
  • My grandparents are moving into a house down the street next week. One set of grandparents already live here...but now both are going to. My grandie has alzheimers, and my Pop has problems of his own....
  • We are having a few exchange students/friends of my uncle from Purdue University over to our house for Thanksgiving. (i think they are Chinese) I'm not sure if they are Christians or not, so just pray that we will be a good testimony.
  • And the final one I can think of... (and most important to me) is my attitude during all three of these situations. (especially the 2nd one) Pray that I will be patient and positive no matter what.

Well, I have never done a post like this before. But my creative juices are not flowing for some reason, so I decided to do a post about the topics I have been thinking about the most lately. Topics that are worrying me...and most likely is the reason for the creativity "dry spell". ;)

You all need prayer for anything? I'm all ears!

God bless ya'll



Amber Noella said...

I'm praying right now, okay? =)

Beth Ann said...

Praying right now. :) (((hugs)))