Monday, January 31, 2011

Warning! Dangerous Pictures

A friend sent me this link to a video that talks about the danger of posting pictures taken by a cell phone or some other GPS enabled device on the internet. Take a peeky... it's rather annoying.
But that is why I use a real camera, and not my phone for taking pictures.
I am so tired... RC5 had a nice long practice this evening and I am pooped!
I hope to post some more artwork... as soon as I have time to draw something. ;p
Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Friday, January 28, 2011

One Comment at a Time (a challenge)

Ok, so I have been doing some thinking and pondering....
It seems that practically every single blogger I have come across loves comments.
Am I right?
I mean, it makes you feel like your post is so much more important
when someone comments on it.
I know it makes me feel good when people comment on my posts.
The Golden Rule is "Do unto others as you would have them do to you."
It applies to something as tiny as commenting on other bloggers posts.
I am not one to comment on many posts.
Usually it is because I am busy and there is something else I am needing to do.
(sound familiar?)
But I got to thinking how important a single, simple, little comment could be.
It could improve a persons mood.
It could make a person laugh for the first time that day.
It could change a persons mind.
It could totally change a persons day.
And most importantly, it could show the person the love of God.
So here is a challenge.
Leave a comment on every single post you read in the month of February.
It is so simple, yet it could make a great impact.
It could be something as simple as,
"That skirt is so cute!"
"That pic is so good. You're a great photographer!"
"That looks like a lot of fun."
"Very good post!"
This month show the love of God in the world of Blogger....
One Comment at a Time.
If you like, there is a button I made on my sidebar.
Feel free to take it and post it on your blog.
Why, you could even make a post about it!
But, please, give me credit.
Because, believe it of is my idea.
Happy commenting!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Icky Flu, Possible Jobness, and Beautiful Music

Hello, hello!
How is everybody doing?
I'm doing pretty good! Especially now that I'm over that icky flu.
That thing made me crash hard! I couldn't get out of the house for more than a week.
All is well and good now, thank goodness.
Today I had an interview (well, sort of) for a part time job at a local pre-school.
It's funny, I never pictured me working at a pre-school, daycare, or anything with kids.
I'm just not that kind of person.
Don't get me wrong!
I love kids.
I guess I'm just not used to them since I've never had any little siblings or cousins.
And I have never ever liked babysitting.
I would so prefer to mow a lawn over babysitting.
But after spending the day at a pre-school, I found that I really enjoyed working there.
I guess it is the structure, and that I'm just helping...not leading.
So I really hope this job works out, not only cause I need the money,
but because I feel God could really use me there.
But whether I get this job or not, I know God has taught me multiple
things during this experience.
And as for the money issue, God is in control. :)
During this whole stressfulness about the job interview, studying for CLEP tests,
and planning for my CO trip, I have really enjoyed listening to a specific cd.
I recently got Francesca Battistelli's My Paper Heart Deluxe Edition.
Her voice is amazing and sooo easy to sing to. (because I am low just like her)
The style of music is upbeat yet melodious, so it's great for the whole family.
But my personal favorite thing about her music are the lyrics.
They are so....perfect.
It's hard to explain, but it applies to my life perfectly.
Her music really lifts me up when I am down, and gets my focus back on track.
So....if you haven't already, you should buy her cd.
I recommend her My Paper Heart Deluxe Edition, because I love her bonus songs.
Here is one of my favorite songs that she sings.
Not the most popular, (and i don't think she wrote it)
but the way she sings it is priceless.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wink, Wink

Jake Gyllenhaal
Hayden Panettiere
Johnny Depp
Natalie Portman
Random kitty
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will I Do It?

The other day, my family was all eating at Arbys.
While we were wrapping up our dinner of roast beef goodness,
we noticed a girl walk out of the kitchen and sit in the very back of the restaurant.
It was obvious that she worked there, and it was obvious that she was sobbing. Hard.
After a little while my sister, Emi, leaned over and asked,
"Should I go see if she is Ok?"
"Sure, if you wanna."
A few minutes passed and I forgot all about it. But not Emi.
All of a sudden she stood up, and disappeared.
It took me a while to notice where she went, and then I realized.
She had done it.
Turns out the Holy Spirit had been telling her to do it the whole time.
Or as she describes it, "beating on her chest screaming at her."
It turned out to be no big deal, nothing to be afraid of.
The girl was so grateful, and Emi's light was truly shining for God.
It got me thinking......
How many times have I ignored the Holy Spirit?
Why did I? Because I was scared? Proud? Shy?
Do those reasons even matter to God? No.
Next time the Spirit of the Lord tells me to do something;
something as small as asking if they're alright,
will I do it?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shopping Success!

Hello fellow bloggers. How has your weekend been?
Mine was nice, finally got to go to the mall. *squeal!*
I have never been shopping for solely accessories before.
It was rather nice not having to try on clothes and all,
and I came home rather happy and satisfied.
I won't waste your time with everything I bought,
but let's just say I got most of what was on my list.
yay me!
Today has been rather interesting and stressful.
My mom got a call at like 2:00am from my grandma. (her mom)
She said that she was having really bad pains in her abdomen,
so mom took her to the ER. Turns out she has a blockage
in her small intestines. Ouch.
So mom is extremely tired, and my dad and sister are all sick with sinus junk.
Not quite a happy family tonight.
But God knew I needed comforting, and to get me off myself and my worries,
He played just the right songs on my Pandora radio station.
Revelation Song- Phillips, Craig, and Dean
How Great is Our God- Chris Tomlin
Lead Me to the Cross- Hillsong
Forever- Fireflight
Just the songs I am needing. Thank you God.
You're the best.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Prom, Dresses, and Modesty

I was recently informed about a homeschool prom that was going
to take place in Indianapolis. It looked like sooo much fun.
Instead of pairing off and doing the normal prom types of dances,
they were going to have group dances, such as the Virginia Reel and such,
and an Irish folk band was going to play the music.
I was pretty much planning on going but, alas, I can't.
It is going on at the same time as Summit.
My sister is still thinking about going if she can find a friend to go with her.
So I guess I am just going to have to organize some type of dance
thing here where I live. This time not only for highschoolers,
but for all ages!
Anyways, I was looking online for some cheap prom dresses just for fun
the other day and found these beauties.
They were called "modest prom dresses" and only had these to choose from.
I think they are so much prettier than the "normal" prom dresses though,
and I would feel 100% more comfortable in these.
(they were NOT cheap though....figures)
So while we are on the topic of dresses and modesty, I have a question for you all.
How do you feel about wearing halters, spaghetti straps, or strapless dresses
for special occasions like a wedding, prom, or fancy party?
I have thought about this alot, and have argued with my mom
plenty about this issue. Tell me what you think.
Have a great weekend ya'll! I am going to the mall Saturday and soy muy feliz!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Spice Up the Winter

I don't know about you, but it feels like I haven't been to the mall in forever.
Where I live, we don't have a mall. We have a Walmart...and that's about it.
So going to a mall is a big deal to me, since we only get to go a few times a year.
What I am saying is, I am craving me some mall shopping!
I mean, I don't want to spend much money at all.
In fact, I am trying to save money for several activities this year.
So if I go to the mall, I just want to buy a few little accessories
to spice up my wardrobe for the winter.
To spice up my winter

I made a little Polyvore set of a few little items that I would like to purchase sometime this winter season.

Included are:

Boots- probably the more expensive item on my list. But I really really need them. I have been patient till now!! I would prefer a rugged, moccasin looking type this time, just for something different.

Tights- are not my thing.... I have ripped 4 pairs in one day before. Something is not quite right there. So this time I am going to try sweater tights. We will see how it goes...

Jewelry- I heart long necklaces. One could always use a few more of those.

Headbands- I think I'm gonna go for the Taylor Swift way of wearing them. (yes, I know the pic is not of Taylor... but that is how she wears them, is it not?)

Hats- I have always wanted to have a cloche hat, mabye one day I'll finally break down and get one. And berets, now that is a different story. They are my favorite kind of hats ever. I would love to buy a few more to add to my collection.

Is there anything you are dying to buy this winter season?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Huge Giveaway!

Wow and let me repeat.....WOW.
Polka Dot is having a HUGE, GIGANTIC, FANTASTICALLY BIG giveaway at her blog
Life is too Short Not to Wear Red Shoes.
So what I am saying is, you should scoot over there right now!
Click on the won't regret it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Disney Collection

Click the picture above.

Friday, January 7, 2011


"Laughter is an instant vacation"
~Milton Berle "If I had a flower for everytime
you made me smile and laugh,
I'd have a garden to walk in
~Alfred Lord Tennyson
"Laughter = Ha x 3" "Laughter is not always the best medicine, sometimes it is the best disguise" "Laughter is an universal language" ~Have you laughed today?~
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Monday, January 3, 2011

School, Worry, & Real Life

Sigh. The time for sleeping in, do nothing mornings, and relaxation is over. Which could mean only one thing: school is back in session. I have never been a big fan of school. I do alright in it and all, but I have to work hard. It doesn't just come to me; and working hard goes against my (tend to be) lazy nature. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is the last semester of my last year. (of highschool that is...) Ahh, but then comes college, which I am totally excited about! Along with the feelings of confusion, nervousness, and did I say confusion? I worry about the future, I always have. (bad, bad me!) But I have never pondered over the future as much as I have this past year. What college should I go to? What should I major in? Wait...I need money!!! What job should I take? Should I spend money on this? Should I hang with friends or study for my clep test? I need a paper bag to breathe into just thinking about it. What about you? Do you stress over the future? Do have any cool stories about how God has lead your life in the direction it's in now? Because no matter how confusing and stressful life is, no matter how much I want to lay down and give up, one thing always helps back up on my feet. The fact that GOD IS IN CONTROL. He knows what is going to happen and what is best for me, and I know He is in charge of my life. Those two facts=peace. I hope you have a lovely first day back to work, school, and real life. ;p ~ASHLEY~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011, My Friend, Is Here!!!

Just a little something I did on the officially first day of the brand spankin' new year.
Check out my blog of creativity-ness (?) to see the rest of my crazy photoshoot.