Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life is Like a Carousel....

......Sometimes your up, sometimes your down.
Hi everybody! How are you all on this Sunday afternoon?
What are you all doing for Valentines?
My family usually goes to the local DQ with our grandparents to get blizzards.
I could totally use a Butterfinger or Heath Toffee one right about now.
Just for kicks, what is your favorite blizzard flavor?
There are only 30 flavors to choose from!
(can't be that hard right?)
Ok, enough about ice cream...I am seriously making me want some.
Changing subjects....
So one thing I have been doing for Valentines is some cake decorating.
I am not a cake decorator.
I am too lazy and impatient to do a good job.
But this time I decided to change my attitude and do the best I can do.
This first one is one I did at a girls spa night.
The lady who was supposed to come teach us stuff was late cause her car broke down.
So we decorated cakes and made bath salts while we were waiting.
Mine was supposed to be a valentines cake, but it looks Christmasy. is what ever you want it to be. :)
My sister and I then decorated two cakes to take down to the ER.
(our church takes meals to them once a month)
This is the one I decorated. It turned out better than I even hoped for!
That's what I get for being patient!
I need to do it more often..... nah.
This is the one Emi, the cake decorator of the family, did.
They are both so cute! But not has been so fine and dandy. Friday night our cat Danny had a stroke and lost the total use of his back legs. He was in bad condition, so we called the emergency number for the vet and got him in. The Dr. said that since he has heart conditions anyways (and enlarged heart), he most likely had a blood clot in his aorta artery. He said there wasn't anything they could really do except give him some medicine to calm him down and keep him over night. The next morning they called to say that he died in the night. *********************** I don't really talk to many people about this because alot of people think I'm dumb to be so torn up about it. True, he was just a cat. But he was also my friend and companion. He made me laugh, made me mad, made me feel better. I enjoy animals. I like being around animals more than people. I can understand them better, they don't talk back, I know how to deal with them, I can read their body signals, and they don't stab you in the back. My pets were my friends when I had none. (am i dramatic enough? gees...) I think you get the picture. I'm sure many of you have had a pet die, and my case is nothing special. But I'm a dramatic baby so....need I say more? ;) ********************** Well on that happy note. I hope your weekend went better than mine. And if not, just take comfort that we are in the same boat. luv ya guys. Ash


EmilyL said...

Nice cakes! I hear you ash about your cat. I was crying in sunday school when we lost Daisy, our little chihuahua. I still miss her. Pets are wonderful, there always there when you need them. It's never easy to lose one.

KatySue Pillsbury said...

I'm sorry that your kitty died, we just had all of our pets run away or die, I still tear up when ever pest are mentioned!
Hmm, my favorite blizzard flavor? The cotton candy one when they have it, the Mid-Night truffle one when they don't!

Beth Ann said...

Like Emily said, when our dog died it was really really hard at first. :*( We were on our way to your church I believe when it ran under the tire. Dad cried pretty hard and so did the rest of us. We still went to church that morning and I could not understand why no one could really see what I was going through. It's hard for others to sometimes understand what its like to lose a pet..when you haven't been there yourself. Hope you are doing okay. :) ♥ U.

*Ashley* said...

emily- wow, your leaving comments now! sweet! thanks emily, luv ya

katy sue- aw, im sorry. :( i now know how ya feel.

beth- ya that is totally right. i would have just been made fun of if i had mentioned it in youth. glad you all understand. im better now. thanks. :)

Rae said...

Hey Girl! Happy Valentines day!! :)
Yum.. Love Blizzards! I love the Georgia Choc one and cotton candy.. I love Everything in cotton candy.. lip gloss, body spray.. :)
So sorry about your cat girl.. I can understand why some people may not feel that it's a big did but you always need to be compassionate when you see someone is really hurting over something!
and I understand.. our cat that was in our family before I was born died when I was 13-14.. lots of tears... :( love cats...
and I don't know what I'd do if our cat jesse died.. :(

Marie said...

Sorry to hear this Ashley! I've lost pets before.. its very hard.. you get so attached to them without even realizing it!
On another note.. I love the cakes.. they are beautiful! :)

Rae said...

Oh forgot to mention! Love the cakes.. I enjoy decorating them even if I'm not that good!
:) Rae

Rach said...

Never be sorry about stuff like that, I cried for a whole day when my parakeet died.