Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Beginning of A Magical Moment

Ok, I'm gonna be totally honest. I HEART DISNEY!!! It makes me feel so happy inside! I guess maybe it's cause I'm flooded by all these happy memories. Anyways, since I love Disney so much....I thought I would post "A Magical Moment" once a week.....just where I put some magical Disney pictures. :) Almost every picture I will put on here is from this wonderful blog called it is truly amazing. I couldn't stop looking at the pictures. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
By the excited are you about the newest Disney movie coming out? Tangled looks like the type of movie I really like. Check out the trailers on Youtube!!! I think I might get some friends together and dress up as princesses to go see it when it comes out! (we did it for the Princess and the Frog too! My sister was the frog!!)

Friday, October 29, 2010

{This Beautiful Life} Photography Contest

I decided I would enter Polka Dot's {This Beautiful Life} photography contest. So, after days and days of pondering which photos I should enter.... (not really...i decided like in 5 min.) I chose these three. Now, I did not do this alone. My sister and I worked as a team. She took the first one, and the last one was her idea. (but i took the photo)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Beauty of Fall

The other day I was in a very creative mood. So I grabbed my sister, told her to put on my purple hat, and ran out to "play" in the leaves we had just raked. I had seen on various sits different fall photos that I absolutely loved, so I wanted to give them a try. What do ya think?

Friday, October 22, 2010


Hey ya! I got tagged by Marie to answer her 8 random questions.....and they are wonderful ones too. :) Marie's eight random questions are: 1. What is your favorite Winter accessory? Scarfs....they add to any outfit, and they keep you extremely warm. If my neck and feet are warm, I'm warm all over. :) 2. How do you like to spend your Winter weekends? I like to go out and hang with friends. Usually in winter, I start getting depressed and wishing for spring and everything wonderful that comes with it. (I'm not that fond of winter and coldness) So I hang out at friend's houses on weekends. 3. List your top 3 favorite things about the Winter season. #1. Christmas!!!! #2 The first flurry of snow #3 Winter clothing 4. What is something new you'd like to try this year? I would love to go on a mission trip with a group where I know absolutely no one. 5. If you could spend your Christmas abroad, where would you go? I would be happy going anywhere and spend it at an orphanage or something. Somewhere where I won't be thinking of myself and worldly possesions....but the true meaning of Christmas. 6. Your favorite historic monument and why? I don't really know, not really into history and stuff....but I just think everything in D.C is cool. 7. What museum would you most love to visit? Any museum! I love museums! I just recently went to my first big art museum and it was SA-WEET! 8. If you won a shopping spree tomorrow, which store would you want to spend it at? I would spend it at Forever 21....I Love that store....but it is usually too expencive for me to buy much. Ok, so now I am supposed to come up with 8 questions and tag eight people. I'll make it fun and different....and if it doesn't make sense to you...just answer with whatever pops into your mind first! 1. Which would you rather go without for a week this winter? Heat or all your winter clothes? 2. What kind of cheese would you rather eat? Pepperjack, Blue, or goat? 3. What superpower do you wish you had? 4. Can you do an accent? Which one? 5. What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? 6. Would you rather bite your tongue or smash your finger? 7. Would you rather cell phones didn't exist....or computers? AAAHHHH!!!!! 8. Which do you hate more? Mosquitoes or spiders? Yes, yes I know. I'm strange. I just didn't want to bore anybody. So I here by challenge (or tag...if you want to be original) these people to answer these strange questions. Beth or Genuine Beauty Marie of Marie Loves Sarah of Daughter of the King Ashley of Random Thoughts Shining as Stars Amber of Taking Life One Step at a Time Rae of We Didn't Even See the Dust Sarah of Mod Style Lounge I know several of you have been tagged already, if not several times! So, if you don't want to that's fine. Just following the rules of the tag thing. No one has to if they don't want to. You'll only hurt my feelings a little bit. ;) so, TAG! YOU'RE IT!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Youtube Exploring & No Music Necessary

I was doing some Youtube exploring yesterday and came across this guy. His name is Mike Thompson, and he is pretty darn talented with his voice. Not only can he sing, but he can make all kinds of sounds. He uses no instruments, and makes all his background music himself.....oh gosh, it's hard to explain. He explains it listen in and enjoy. :)

This is how he makes his songs....very interesting.

Look him up on Youtube to see some more of his vids. Peace out ya'll. :)


Monday, October 18, 2010

YIPPEE!!! 2nd Place!!! I am like....really excited. I got 2nd place in Mod Style Lounge's "A Girl's Life" Fashion Show! This is the first time I have won anything in Blogger land!! I want to give thanks to Sarah and the many other judges that helped out with this competition. You should really check out Sarah's blog...she is doing a great job with it. Well, yippee. :) This made my day. And congrats to my buddy Beth who got 3rd place! Check her out! She is the fashion queen....I just try to keep up. ;) ciao!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fashion of the 1920's

I absolutely love the 1920's. I probably know more about this time period than any other! (it probably helped that I had to write and perform a script...of me acting like a teen from the 20's)
I find their fashion sense so interesting! Everything from the low low waistlines to the unique bob haircut.
The dresses of the 20's were lighter, brighter, and shorter than ever before...practically a new style of dress! Hemlines rose throughout the decade, but then began to lower near the end. Shoes and stockings gained more attention than ever before now that they were more visible. Women liked to coordinate the color and pattern of their stockings with their dresses.
Here are some more modern dresses that have the unique 1920's look.
Aaahhh.... the "bob" haircut. What would a girl in the 20's be without it? It was the bee's knees! The "bob" was introduced to the U.S by actress Louise Brooks. (pictured below)
I found this really interesting article about how ladies back then trained their hair to do that unique curl or wave look. Sounded like a big pain in the behind!
Drew Barrymore with the "Flapper Bob". Doesn't she look darling? I love it on her!
And now the hats.... which are actually called Cloche hats. I really want to buy one now! They fit well and make a good winter hat because they go low enough to cover your ears! It is such a signature accessory that a flapper look will be achieved no matter what you wear! Warning, you will stand out! But thats not always bad is it?
Headbands are great too! Just stick a feather in there and Viola!!!
Actress Angelina Jolie and Katie....something or other...
Well, I am now on a look out for some twenties looking dresses and accessories. I was inspired by my own post! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while (which was only like 5 days....but hey, that's a long time for me!) I have just been so busy with homework and I've kinda had a creativity block. Don't you hate those? But the flood gates have been opened and ideas are flooding my brain! The only problem is...I don't have time to carry them out! AAHHH!!
Hope you all have a great day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Which Ones, Which Ones???

Now that my shopping diet is over, I am needing to do some fall/winter shopping! Here's what I am needing: Scarves: I never can have enough scarves. There are just so many different styles and designs! Which style is your favorite? Boots: I am desperately needing me some boots! But I really don't know much about them. What kinds are your favorite? And what kind should I get?And finally, jeans. My jeans are just getting plain worn out. But, once again, I'm asking for your advise. What kind should I get? I like the look of skinny jeans...but I find them really uncomfortable. So maybe I should go with straight leg? Watcha think girls? Advise please!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 7- Time for Lunch!

A Girl's Fashion Week day 7! Wow...time has flown this week. (but what's new right?) So today you're supposed to wear something you would wear to a restaurant. Either with friends...or somebody who is more than a friend. wink wink. What I am wearing: dress- hand me down (closet) shirt- goodies(closet) shoes- wet seal (closet) headband- wallgreens (closet)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Very Special Privilege

Ok, so this guy has officially made it to my "favorite actors" list. Congratulations to him! It takes alot to make my list! He is kinda new to the big screen....and some of you may not know him. His name is Jay Baruchel. Isn't he adorable? tee hee!!
The most recent movie I have seen him in is the Sorcerer's Apprentice....and he was FANTASTIC! He was soooo funny and has the best voice ever! (if you have seen know what I mean.)
I give the movie 2 thumbs up! Another movie I'm sure you have seen (if not, you really should!) is How to Train Your Dragon. He did the voice of Hiccup!
Ha ha, he is riding a dragon! funny funny....
They kinda look alike don't they? Tall, lanky, and awkward. lol. But they're both rather adorable. ;)
He's been in several other....not so great movies too. Those include: Tropic Thunder, Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, She's Out of my league. poop. :(
At first this movie sounded kinda cute and funny. Then I watched the trailer and a few clips. One word.....BLECH! It's another one of those stupid sex comedies with no point. sigh. Why must good, cute actors be in such trashy movies? But still, The Sorcerer's Apprentice has put him on my list.....for now. He better not ruin this special privilege!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Girl's Life Fashion Week day 4- Ahhh Relaxing!

Day 4 of the Girl's Life Fashion Week... relaxing at home. AAAHHHH....nice. Well, this is what I wore today for real. Cause I really didn't go anywhere and didn't feel like dressing up. And I am bundled up because my house is freezing!!! Dad finally gave in and turned on our gas stove heater thing. YES! I live by that thing in the winter! I read, do school, watch tv, eat, etc. You name it! I'm just cold blooded I guess. I dunno. What I am wearing: jacket- closet shirt- closet jeans-closet scarf- Body Central (closet) Like my cat??? Yea...don't worry. I have real ones too. They just aren't allowed in the house. lol

Favorite Country Songs #4

Ok, so this one is probably my favorite right now. The Farmer's Daughter by Rodney Atkins. I just love Rodney's songs! I love his country accent and the cute, understandable topics he sings about.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase day 1- Artsy Fartsy

Ok, so I am also doing Marie's Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase outfits!! But dressing up is fun right? right! I actually wore this outfit yesterday when I went on an outing with some friends to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. make me feel real artsy fartsy...I found my glasses! (which are totally fake...I dont use glasses) It was alot of fun. :) What I am wearing: t-shirt- hand me down cardigan- Goodwill scarf- Wet Seal jeans- ??? necklace- came with a flapper costume for a play i was in. ;) no...seriously. hat- Forever 21 glasses- Icing

Girl's Fashion Week day 3- Headin' to Church

Well, it is day 3 of the Girl's Fashion Week Contest hosted by Mod Style Lounge and, well, this is what I wore this morning to church. It is pretty chilly here now so, I pulled out my boots and cardigans. ( cardigan is a little lops sided in the first pic.... hee hee) What I am wearing: dress- yard sale ($1) cardigan- yard sale boots- closet belt- wet seal (closet) necklace- gift from friend.
Hope everyone has a wonderful, restful Sunday! God bless!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Benefit of Cool Weather....

Well, as you all know, fall has officially arrived. Which means that....cold weather is coming! (if it hasn't come already...) But you know...I'm actually looking forward to cold weather. I love summer and warm weather and all...but I miss how you can't really layer without being too hot. So....that is one reason why I am anticipating cooler weather. And what better way to layer and keep warm than a cute little cardigan? These (in the pic above) are some that stood out to me...I love how each one looks so different! One can have so much fun with cardigans! I know I ask this alot but....which one(s) are your favs? I just like hearing your opinions. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Girls Life Fahion Week day 1-- Team Spirit!

Well it is day one for the Girl's Life Fashion Week contest. We were supposed to show our team spirit for our favorite sports team. As you can probably tell, mine would have to be the Colts. I am not a big sporty person....not really the kind of girl to plop down in front of the couch and sit there for hours and hours watching a game. But....I don't mind getting in the spirit everyonce in a while. I had a Colts pom-pom I was wanting to use...but alas...I lost it. It is somewhere in our cellar. (aka... room of utter chaos!) So I had to make do with some homemade signs. All well.... :) What I am wearing: hat- closet sweater- hand me down tunic shirt thing...- Kohls (closet) belt- Wet Seal (closet) rolled up jeans- Goodys...I believe... (closet) shoes- Walmart! (closet) necklace- Claires (closet)
So....I have just one thing left to say...... GO COLTS!!! WHOOOT!!!