Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Spice Up the Winter

I don't know about you, but it feels like I haven't been to the mall in forever.
Where I live, we don't have a mall. We have a Walmart...and that's about it.
So going to a mall is a big deal to me, since we only get to go a few times a year.
What I am saying is, I am craving me some mall shopping!
I mean, I don't want to spend much money at all.
In fact, I am trying to save money for several activities this year.
So if I go to the mall, I just want to buy a few little accessories
to spice up my wardrobe for the winter.
To spice up my winter

I made a little Polyvore set of a few little items that I would like to purchase sometime this winter season.

Included are:

Boots- probably the more expensive item on my list. But I really really need them. I have been patient till now!! I would prefer a rugged, moccasin looking type this time, just for something different.

Tights- are not my thing.... I have ripped 4 pairs in one day before. Something is not quite right there. So this time I am going to try sweater tights. We will see how it goes...

Jewelry- I heart long necklaces. One could always use a few more of those.

Headbands- I think I'm gonna go for the Taylor Swift way of wearing them. (yes, I know the pic is not of Taylor... but that is how she wears them, is it not?)

Hats- I have always wanted to have a cloche hat, mabye one day I'll finally break down and get one. And berets, now that is a different story. They are my favorite kind of hats ever. I would love to buy a few more to add to my collection.

Is there anything you are dying to buy this winter season?


Beth Ann said...

Good list! :)

Beth Ann said...

...now I need to make one. :)

mal blair said...

girl, i'm queen of snagging/ripping tights.. so, maybe i should get some sweater ones too! haah.

what a cute list, though.

*Ashley* said...

mal- ha at least i know im not the only one! i get so mad at my self.. and puts me in a not so good mood for church. (uh oh!) lol

Rae said...

Been working on saving money... :) so besides getting some hoodies this year clothes-wise I've been good!
and my good friend Kim got me boots for cmas!!!! :)

Marie said...

Ankle boots! i want a pair so bad but have yet to find a pair that I like and are affordable as well! :)