Friday, November 5, 2010

A Magical Moment *1*

So, on thedisneyprinceess tumblr website I found a 30 day Disney challenge...where there is a different question to answer each day. So, I decided to do it. Today's question is: What is your favorite Disney movie? I love almost all Disney movies so this one is hard... I have a feeling this whole challenge is gonna be a....well....challenge! ha ha..I crack myself up. ;) Anyways, I'll here are my answers. (for today) Warning- answers may vary. 1. Tarzan. (for some reason I am so in love with this movie. I love the animation, the music, the humor, the storyline, everything!!!) 2. Aladdin. (I have loved this movie ever since I can remember. I love the animation and music and Aladdin. Whoops...did I just say that? lol I used to have such a big crush on him. But, Jasmine deserves him...she is so pretty! 3. Beauty and the Beast. (What girl doesn't love this movie? The animation is to die for [can you tell I'm impressed by the animation quality?] The story line is so magical and the beast is so cute! Was I the only one that was disappointed when he turned human? Or am I just wierd???) Well, there ya go. I answered it. Well, here are some Magical Disney pics. Hope it brings a smile to your face. :) photos via-

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Daughter of the King said...

I'm with ya on The Beast changing, girl! lol 'Beauty & The Beast' is my favorite Disney movie...EVER! Have you seen the original Beauty and The Beast (Le Belle et la Bete?)