Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chili Cook-off

I know this is kinda old news, but I just now got to load these pictures on my computer. But anywho, on halloween night our church had a "chili cook-off"/ fall festival. 25 pots of chili, 3 judges, 3 prizes. It was on! Mom and I decided to make our "taco chili". We weren't going for the "Best tasting chili" prize, nor the "Most likely to put you in the ER" prize. We thought that we would most likely get something for the "Best Decorated" prize. So we decorated out table to a Mexican theme. (below) We thought for sure we would win something for that. But we didn't even place! We ended up winning for the "Best tasting chili" prize!!!! Whoa, what?!?!?! Out of 25 pots and many many great cookers in our church we won. My mom was very happy. :)
I'll have to ask mom if I can share the recipe. Don't know if she wants it to be a secret or not. lol
Over all, it was alot of fun. You all should have a chili cook-off sometime. Whether it's with your church, homeschool group, or a family reunion!
Have you ever won a prize for something you made?
ps. Later on today or tomorrow, I will tell ya how the speech competition went. phew, it was stressful!


Amy said...

Ashley, congrats! I'd love the recipe if your mom is willing to share it.

Mallory won the men's bake off at church last April. He made a Tiramisu Layer Cake... it was SOOOOo good!!!!

Rae said...

Congrats!! looks like you all had a lot of fun..
Love chili! Taco Chili sounds amazing! I'll have to try yours sometime.. ;) lol
Have a good thanksgiving..

*Ashley* said...

amy- thanks! ill ask, im sure she wont mind. wow, good for him! sounds really good! a bake off is a good idea!

rae- yes it was fun. yea, we'll have to all get together and eat chili sometime! mabye play some board games or something too.. :)