Monday, January 31, 2011

Warning! Dangerous Pictures

A friend sent me this link to a video that talks about the danger of posting pictures taken by a cell phone or some other GPS enabled device on the internet. Take a peeky... it's rather annoying.
But that is why I use a real camera, and not my phone for taking pictures.
I am so tired... RC5 had a nice long practice this evening and I am pooped!
I hope to post some more artwork... as soon as I have time to draw something. ;p
Hope you have a great Tuesday!


Beth Ann said...

It may be that you have to manually activate the GPS tracker in most phones. It's possible that the iPhone 4 has it automatically? I did go online and found a iPhone 4 photo on a ladies blog, looked up the info, and then pinpointed her exact location using google earth. I was able to see her home and everything. So, yeah. Everyone that might have a GPS activated tracker in their phone (sometimes people use it to track their own phone if lost..) might want to be careful when putting their photos taken from their phone, up online.

Leia Skywalker Organa said...

Ohmigoodness. Can they track down locations with pictures on blogger, I wonder.

-Leia <3

*Ashley* said...

wow it actually worked. creepy!!

leia- it seems like it would work anywhere on the internet, as long as it is taken with a gps enabled the iphone 4 beth mentioned above. but with a normal camera you should be fine.

Beth Ann said...

Exactly. I know. I was a little creeped out with the exact google-earth location came up after putting the photo URL info. into a free online program.

Natasha Atkerson said...

Ewww....thats so creepy!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Rae said...

Wow.. that could be pretty dangerous.. :(
You always think your a no-body but better safe then sorry uh?

*Ashley* said...

rae- yea i know. "who would care where i live?" .. but you never know what kind of creepers are out there. eeeekkk!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thanks soooo much for posting the story about the GPS enabled cell phones, Ashley! I've already posted a link up to the story on my facebook page.

Happy Tuesday To You!!

*Ashley* said...

sarah- no problemo. happy tuesday to you too!