Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Update...

Hello, once again I have an update but it is not a good one.
While we were site seeing today our car got broken into and my purse got stolen which contained all my money, cell phone, license, camera, etc.
Some of my friend's stuff got stolen also.
We only hopped out of the car for a few minuites to take some pictures,
but I guess it was just enough time for something to happen.
I am especially upset that all the pictures I have take these few weeks are totally gone.
That bothers me the most, I just see each picture as a memory I'll cherish forever...
and now they are all gone.
So anyways, please pray that we will be able to get on the plane home ok since we don't have all the info we need. That's the big thing right now.
So yeah, lesson learned.
Never leave your valubles in a car unattended, or anywhere for that matter.
I once again learned it the hard way.
This is the 2nd time in like 3 years that my purse has been stolen.
Apparently God is trying to teach me something....what? I'm not sure yet.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Update From Colorado

Hi everybody! I'm not back home yet, but I finally have internet access!!
Oh how I have missed the blogging world!
Well I can't show you any pictures yet, but I just thought I would give you a little update. Summit is over and I am now at my friend's grandparents house here in CO.
They live really close to Rocky Mountain National Park which we actually drove through today. It was absolutely gorgeous.
We also went shopping downtown and just enjoyed our beautiful Sunday.
I am sick with a cold, so I am really trying to get rid of it before my flight home Wednesday.
I would rather not have my head feeling like it's going to blow up for 3 hours.
Well, just wanted to say hi and that I have missed you all.
Hope you have had a great past two weeks.
I know I have.
Pictures will come as soon as I get home.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ciao, ciao

Packing seriously wears me out. It hurts my brain to go think through everything I have
keeping in mind, "what can I not live without for 2 1/2 weeks?"
This is how I pack. As by brain flys, my hands try to keep up.
So i end up just throwing everything in a big heap on my bed.
This is my "not amused" face.
And unpacking...even worse.
After I throw everything on my bed, I then roll or fold all my clothes and stick them in
big plastic baggies and squeeze all the air out of them.
It really does save space!!

Where am I going you ask?

I'm going to Summit Ministries in CO for 2 weeks.

Beth and I are going along with a few other friends.
Oh, what it Summit?
It is a worldview conference kind of thing.
You learn about stuff like post-modernism , socialism, and that everyone has a worldview.
And that we need to know what our worldview is as Christians, and know how to
stand up for it.
So we will be spending alot of time in class listening to lectures and watching movies.

But we also just get to hang out, play sports, and make friends.

Aren't the mountains in the background gorgeous!

Can't wait for the beautiful scenery!

So I won't be taking my laptop with me, so it will be a while before I post again.
Hope you all have a great next few weeks!
I'll be fine as soon as I get the plane ride over with.
Airports make me really nervous.
What about you? Do you like to fly or not?
Have a great one!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surprise Birthday Party!

All pictures are from
I have always wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for someone.
So today, let's use our IMAGINATIONS!
Let's pretend we are throwing a cute summery surprise birthday party for a
sister, cousin, mother, or close friend.
Let's get busy!!
First we have to pick out the location and the decorations.
We could have a whimsical "Alice in Wonderland" type tea party in the back yard.
We need someone to pick out the flowers, someone to spray paint some old chairs,
and someone to bring and find a way to hang a neat chandelier.
Or if it's just gonna be a few of us girl friends, we could go a little rustic.
I mean, who needs chairs? Pillows on the ground are just as good.
It's like a picnic...for fairies!
Oh, but what if alot of people are coming?
Maybe we could rent out a nice dining room or church fellowship hall We can then find some Redwood tree branches (fake or real)
and we need lots of candles!
All that seems like alot of work.
How about we just have the party outside under my grandma's big tree.
We just need to bring a big table and some chairs,
and hang some decorations from the tree branches. Maybe even some lights! Not to mention, there is plenty of shade.
Alright, the location is picked out. Great!
Now for the best part....the food!
I think we will only have refreshment/dessert type foods, not a whole meal.
Too much trouble.
Let's see, what should we have?
Raspberry cheesecake tarts? I even need to think about this?
Of course we will have them!
I don't know how to make cheesecake though, can you make it?
Oh, I can make these fruit tacos!
What they are is fruit and this sugary creamcheese mixture inside a sugar cookie.
I'm getting hungry already! OK, now what about drinks?
Wow, this strawberry lemonade punch looks good.
Let's go with this!
Or for those who can't have sugar or are on a diet (like me)
we can have some ice water with these real fruit ice cubes available for extra flavor. Good! Food is done!
We need to wrap up that special gift we got her!
How should we do it?
We could go for a frilly girly look and use cupcake cups to make little flowers.
Or we could just wrap it in plain paper (doesn't have to be brown)
and make little flag pendants or sting puff balls for a celebration look.I think I'll do this one. Just wrap different color yarn around the plain wrapped gift.
I have some yard I need to use up anyways.

Are we done? Oh wait, not yet! We need the invitations!

We could go for this cool little 3D effect....

Or cut out polka dots out of bright paper.

Make little button flowers! This one is probably the easiest.

But I must say, I like this one the best.

Punch out different color flowers and glue buttons on top. Nice!

All right. Now we are done! Whew!
Coming up with a party is a lot of work!!
But the hardest part is still to come, keeping the secret!
I won't tell if you won't.....;)
Can't wait to see her face!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Charlie is just so cool like.
Don't believe me? Check him out yourself!
He is also on my top 5 favorite Youtubers list.
My friends actually introduced me to Charlie McDonnell.
At first I was like, this dude is wierd....but then I was like...
he is kind of cute...and funny....and wierd.
If I am having a bad day, this little ray of sunshine can always cheer me up with his
clever little songs, crazy "Challenge Charlies", and funny facial expressions.
So if you like British accents (did i mention he's from Englad?), ukuleles, crazy challenges,
unique fun songs, and Dr. Who, this guy is for you.
Just a warning: he is a atheist and believes in Darwinism.
And in some of his flicks, he makes it quite clear.
Just thought I would warn you. He is still awesome in my book. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordy Wednesday ~ Adventure

Have you ever gone on an adventure?
What is something adventurous you really want to do?
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Portrait Contest

I was really excited when I heard about Polka Dot's Portrait contest
cause I love taking pictures of people!!!
But as I was looking through all my portraits, I realized that some of the best ones was some
senior portraits my sister took of me.
So this is actually my sister entering. Not me. So if one of these wins, the prize goes to her.
Thanks for hosting this Polka Dot, you rock girl. :)