Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just the Way You Are

Ok, I'm sure you know who sings the song I made as my post title.
Come on, think really hard.
You pretty much hear this song every time you walk into a store
or turn on the radio now a days.
That's right! Bruno Mars!
I was just browsing online and found a bunch of really cute pictures of this guy.
(like the one below.....makes me happy.)
I don't think he is like a total "hottie" or anything, but he is pretty photogenic. And he writes great songs. (some of them) I thought I would give you a list of my favorite 4 songs of his.
~Count On Me~
This song is really fun and cute. It not necessarily has to do with love and romance either.
I consider it more of a friendship song.
It's great for slide shows and stuff too.
~Talking to the Moon~
Ah, yes. This one is strange, and rather sad. But I love it.
You can just hear the passion in his voice.
Makes me instantly daydream too.
~Marry You~
Ha, this one is strange too.
(his songs are just different period...maybe that's what makes him so likable)
The message isn't a really good one, but I just consider it a fun song,
and I love the way they use the wedding bells in the music and rhythm.
Kinda makes me want to dance also..... Watch out now!!
And finally..........
~Just the Way You Are~
Oh yes, instant happiness.
Yes, I know this song is over played major!
But it just has so many memories for me.
When ever this song comes on I instantly drop whatever conversation I am having,
or whatever chore I am doing and start singing.
So if you're having a bad day and don't feel good about yourself, this is the song for you!
I also like the song Grenade, but let's not go there. ;p
Here are some funny stuff I found here.
Kinda makes me laugh.
This is my favorite. :)
You gotta's pretty much true.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting Healthy is Fun! (sarcasm...)

*Must have.....craving....gonna die.....ahhhhh!!!!*
In case your wondering, that's what's going through my mind right about now.
Let's rewind first.
Hi! My name is Ashley!
Ok, too far....
Last Monday, I started a supertyduper strict diet. I mean, it's crazy.
Here is what I cannot have:
bread (or anything with yeast)
anything vinegary (no pickles! whaaa!!!)
dairy (which is hard since i put cheese on everything!)
sugar (including gum)
So yes, is quite hard.
This is what I feel like.

Mmmm.....gotta love those greens.

Why am I doing this to myself you may ask?
Cause I have tummy problems, and I am sick of it.
And so far it is working! Haven't had a tummy ache since!
So after 9 days, I gradually introduce one thing at a time back into my diet.
If it gives me a stomach ache, it's OUT OF HERE!!!
Not only am I not eating....I am working out everyday too!
And boy am I feeling it. It is hurting my arms just typing this!
I'm such a wimp... My friends showed me this awesome website produced by this really cool (and toned)
chick who has really quick and tough workouts.
Her link is here.
Usually her instructions are on the site, and the video is on youtube.
Warning! Her outfits are quite immodest. Just thought I would let ya know.
Thanks Emily! Thanks to you I'm sore! Gosh...some friend you are... ;p
Just kidding, if I lose weight, I owe it to you!
Are you tearing up yet? tee hee

Friday, February 18, 2011

Boho Wanna-be

The last few days have been quite loverly and warm here where I live.
It's a nice change compared to the snow that has been constantly on the ground.
And no matter how I try, I can't help but think about spring and summer.
About how lovely the warm weather will feel, all the summer activities I have planned,
relaxing outside, getting a suntan, and my summer attire.
Each summer I always seem to try to do something different with my clothes.
Each year, my style is a little different.
But hey, I guess it makes life interesting.
This year I am going to try something totally new,
that will definitely get me out of my comfort zone.
I can't help love the bright colors, holy jeans, and flowy materials.
And not to mention the headbands......
Moccasins are on my wish list...
They would definitely complete my Boho look.
This could totally be me.....
Guitars and waves....what more could you want?
What do you think of the Boho style?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

For God so loVed the world,
That He gAve
His onLy
That whosoever
Believeth In Him
Should Not perish,
But have Everlasting life.

John 3:16

Happy Valentines Day everybody.

Love, Ash

Also, Polka Dot is having another awesome give away. (she is so sweet!) Go check it out!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life is Like a Carousel....

......Sometimes your up, sometimes your down.
Hi everybody! How are you all on this Sunday afternoon?
What are you all doing for Valentines?
My family usually goes to the local DQ with our grandparents to get blizzards.
I could totally use a Butterfinger or Heath Toffee one right about now.
Just for kicks, what is your favorite blizzard flavor?
There are only 30 flavors to choose from!
(can't be that hard right?)
Ok, enough about ice cream...I am seriously making me want some.
Changing subjects....
So one thing I have been doing for Valentines is some cake decorating.
I am not a cake decorator.
I am too lazy and impatient to do a good job.
But this time I decided to change my attitude and do the best I can do.
This first one is one I did at a girls spa night.
The lady who was supposed to come teach us stuff was late cause her car broke down.
So we decorated cakes and made bath salts while we were waiting.
Mine was supposed to be a valentines cake, but it looks Christmasy. is what ever you want it to be. :)
My sister and I then decorated two cakes to take down to the ER.
(our church takes meals to them once a month)
This is the one I decorated. It turned out better than I even hoped for!
That's what I get for being patient!
I need to do it more often..... nah.
This is the one Emi, the cake decorator of the family, did.
They are both so cute! But not has been so fine and dandy. Friday night our cat Danny had a stroke and lost the total use of his back legs. He was in bad condition, so we called the emergency number for the vet and got him in. The Dr. said that since he has heart conditions anyways (and enlarged heart), he most likely had a blood clot in his aorta artery. He said there wasn't anything they could really do except give him some medicine to calm him down and keep him over night. The next morning they called to say that he died in the night. *********************** I don't really talk to many people about this because alot of people think I'm dumb to be so torn up about it. True, he was just a cat. But he was also my friend and companion. He made me laugh, made me mad, made me feel better. I enjoy animals. I like being around animals more than people. I can understand them better, they don't talk back, I know how to deal with them, I can read their body signals, and they don't stab you in the back. My pets were my friends when I had none. (am i dramatic enough? gees...) I think you get the picture. I'm sure many of you have had a pet die, and my case is nothing special. But I'm a dramatic baby so....need I say more? ;) ********************** Well on that happy note. I hope your weekend went better than mine. And if not, just take comfort that we are in the same boat. luv ya guys. Ash

Friday, February 11, 2011

Love is in the Air

Here are some funny quotes about love that I found.
I don't know the author of any of them.
Boy: what did you just say?
Girl: im fat and ugly
Boy walks away....
Girl goes up to him later and says what did i do wrong?
Boy: you lied about the most beautiful thing i see everyday
Him: Hey
You (to yourself): Oh my Gosh.. he just texted me.. I wonder what he wants.. maybe he just wants to talk... maybe he's mad at me, i mean all he said was hey... I should just answer him, i don't want to keep him waiting...well maybe i'll wait another 3 minutes so he thinks i'm busy... no, that's too obvious. Could this mean he's into me? Or is he just bored? Either way is fine, i mean i don't care if he likes me back. who said that i even liked him?! i'm just gonna text him back now. Should i reply hi or hey? or hey with three y's? no that's stupid. 2 y's works. He won't know if i did it on purpose or if it was just accidental. Okay. I got this.Breath in, breath out.
You: Heyy
Dear Boys, We love to wear your jackets, love it when you hug us from behind, love it when you say i love you in front of everyone... ...And have best friends who will break ur necks if you break our hearts. Sincerely, Girls
So, can you relate with any of them? :p

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Goes It?

So people, how is the O.C.T Challenge going so far? It's been over a week,
so if you're still in it.....
I'm still chugging away at it. It's pretty fun, but it is soooo easy to just
click the big X button quickly after reading a post.
So tell me how it's going with you.
Well I thought I would just mention some things that are going on with me lately.
I finished Algebra II. YES!!!! So I am done with all highschool math.
Now my Dad wants me to take the Algebra CLEP Test. Yikes.
It looks hard and I am officially scared.
Let me tell ya, math is not my all.
Today is also the first 4-H meeting of the year. I've been in 4-H for like 7 or 8 years now.
But this is my last year. :( Good memories all around.
This year I am only doing Fine Arts.
I am hoping to enter my new style of drawing. I don't know how good it will do but,
might as well try and see.
Well that is all for me lately.
How have ya'll been?
Peace out!

Monday, February 7, 2011


I have some new drawings and photography!
Click here to check it out!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some Things I am Digging...

I thought I would share with you some stuff that I have recently found, read, watched, or listened to that I now love.
1. Butterfly Flower fragrance by Bath and Body Works.
I got the spray for Christmas and I think it smells great.
My mom doesn't like it though, which is a bummer. But it makes me quite happy. :)
2. Francesca Battistelli's My Paper Heart.
Like I have mentioned before, I heart her. Her songs apply perfectly to my life.
If you haven't already, you must check out her cd. Soooo good.
3. City Street Jeans.
I went shopping yesterday and found me a pair of these. I'm not much for skinny jeans.
I never found them very comfortable and they never fit me right.
But these are quite stretchy and comfy. So if you're looking for a comfy pair of
skinny jeans, you should check these out.
4. The Apothecary's Daughter.
This is a really really really good book. I love how it had a mix of Christianity, mystery,
romance, and excitement. I think I have found a new favorite authoress. :)
Check it out on Amazon. Not too long ago they had it for free for Kindle.
I'm not sure if they still do but, it's worth a try.
5. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ritz Crackers.
One word- yum.
I love these because they aren't too sweet and they make a great quick snack.
And if you want to make it sweeter and more unhealthy, you can do what I sometimes do.
Put cream cheese frosting on them. Oh my yes.
That's what I am talking about.
6. Insanitized by Tim Hawkins
If you like to ha ha ha, this is for you.
I have been a fan of Mr. Timmy for quite a while now.
I saw him live last year at the Cincy Homeschool convention,
and I am gonna see him again this year! Booyah!
I have also seen all of his dvds because each one is so dang funny!
Insanitized is his newest one and I am actually writing this while I watch it for the 2nd time.
(you won't regret it)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Fashionistas

Hello everyone! So, how many of you are in that big snow storm? We barely missed it!
We did get a little bit of snow....but at least you can see most of the grass now.
Don't be deceived...these pictures are from a couple Sundays ago, when there was snow on the ground.
I just thought we both looked so cute. Cute enough to make a post out of it! ;p
My sister is such a model....ppllfftt. ;p And then there's me.... who is not. But that's ok, at least I have purple legs. That has to count for something. I would tell you where I got everything, but I seriously have no clue. Mostly from consignment shops and stuff. I know the tights are from Body Central and my flats are from DEBS. Other than idea. I hope everyone stays safe (and warm) in this heck of a storm! ha rhymed. *Ashley*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is Here!

Well today is the "official" start to the O.C.T challenge. (even though I have been doing it for several days now.)
How is it going so far? It's harder than you thought huh? Same here!
But I find it rather fun....even though it takes quite a bit longer than normal.
Doing "out of the normal" nice things for people take quite a bit extra time out of your busy schedule doesn't it? And that is exactly how Satan wants it. He wants us to be so busy that we don't notice or have time for reaching out and showing God's love to people, even through something as tiny
as leaving some nice comments on some nice blogs.
I am glad that many of you have decided to take up the challenge. Several of you have mentioned how you may not have time to leave a comment on every single blog you read every single day.
That's fine...there is no prize at the end of this challenge or penalty if you don't complete it.
I just wanted to make you think before you quickly exit out of every blog you read.
So try your hardest and I shall try mine!
Onward!!! ;p