Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Band Perry

I am a fairly new country music lover.
Everytime I hop in the car, I always flip to one of the 6 or 7 country stations in my area.
(yea, it's hard not to like country music when that is practically all that plays around here.)
I am always finding new songs and artists that catch my attention.
One of the more recent one is The Band Perry.
The Band Perry is made up of sister Kimberly and her two younger brothers.
Not only do I love Kimberly's voice and their style of music, but her fashion is fantastic.
I love every single thing she wears.
I think it's so cool how her clothes have a country feel, yet they are vintage looking.
Not to mention...pretty modest.
(more modest than Taylor Swift I must say...)
The outfit above is probably my most favorite. :)
This pic below is a scene in their music video "If I Die Young"
Her dress is adorable!
I recommend you check out their music videos on youtube.
They are cute and quite entertaining.
I love getting my guitar out and trying to play along with them.
(note the *trying*)
Have a fantastic day ya'll.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Is...

"Dim the lights, time for the results." Just hearing good ol' Ryan Seacrest say that makes my heart stop...and I'm not even on the show!
I am a big American Idol fan, even though I only began watching it a few years ago.
Comparing the seasons I have seen, I believe that this year is the best.
The contestants are unbelievably talented, and the new judges fit right in.

Ok, I'll admit it. When I first heard that Simon was quiting, I vowed that I wouldn't get into the American Idol spirit this year.

And when I heard that Steven Tyler was going to take his place...I knew my American Idol experience was over!

But It seriously hasn't been that bad, in fact....I like these judges better! (of course the dog, Randy, is still there.)

So, I thought that I would just share with you some of my favorite contestants this year.

Stefano has been a favorite of mind since the beginning. He is just so cute!
He looks like a little chipmunk with those big brown eyes and cute high voice!
Actually, he sounds quite alot like Bruno Mars....which I love!
He has great stage presence and is quite expressive with his hands.
(as you can see in each picture...lol)
He has trouble keeping his eyes open though... ;p Thia is my sisters favorite. She is cute, classy, and the same age as my sissy. She is so laid back and calm, it's really quite crazy. She has a gorgeous, smooth, mature voice that makes me shudder. How in the world could a little 15 year old sing that well???? Another reason why my sister and I like her is because her sense of fashion is ADORABLE!!! I love every single thing she wears. Period. Naima is an "exotic flower". She is so fun and happy and wears the brightest clothes you can imagine! I just love the way she dresses so exotically and different. I am always looking forward to seeing what she has on. I don't think her voice is good enough to keep her on the show for much longer though. But she is definitely fun to watch. Oh, Scotty. How I love ya. Your voice I mean. If you love Josh Turner, you will adore this guy. His voice is seriously deeper than Josh's....and he is only 17!!! It's actually rather creepy...but I love it. Everytime I hear him hit a really low note, I get tingly all over. I see this guy lasting a looong time. I could hear him on the radio right now! Pia is the next Celine Dion. I haven't heard her hit a bad note yet. And it is like she doesn't even try! I seriously think she is the best out of the girls and should get to at least the top 3. The only reason I see her not making it that far is because she doesn't have too much of a personality. And unfortunately, alot of people base their votes on personality, not voice. I seriously think Pia should sing Beauty and the Beast...she would rock. Jacob Lusk...the boogie man. At least, that's what I call him. He makes me laugh so much! He is sooo happy all the time and when he gets excited... he. gets. excited. I can't imagine having that much energy! When he sings... he is in a whole other world. He puts so much emotion in his songs and has such a large range. Out of everyone, I think this guy is the best. He almost is so good...he shouldn't even be on the competition. I can see him having his 2 hour concerts now! I know I would go! Haley is a jazzy lady. She has the prettiest smile in the competition. If the competition was about beauty, she would have it in the bag. Her voice is so unique. At first the growly sound she had kind of annoyed me. But now I am beginning to like it. I never know what kind of song she is going to pick, and whether she will growl, riff, or yodel. Although she has been in the bottom 3 quite alot, she is personally one of my favorite contestants. Speaking of the bottom 3.....can you believe what happened at the last result show? I just about fell out of my seat. Sexy Casey (if you watch the show, you will understand why I said that) and bottom 3 never even entered my mind. He is the most popular contestant on the show! He has a really cool, growly, bluesy voice and his personality is so blunt. He is so funny and relatable. I almost passed out (exaggerating) when they saved him! ********************** Hopefully at least some of you readers watch the show. But if not, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the American Idol world. This year is a great year (especially compared to last year....ick) and I wish all the contestants could win. But they can't so.... let the competition begin!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who Says?

Well, I am having a dry spell as to what to write about and post.
So I thought I would just post a newly found favorite video of mine.
Selena Gomez is so cute, funny, and beautiful.
Her show is one of the few I will actually sit down and watch on Disney Channel.
I absolutely love this song. When I start feeling depressed about...well...being me,
it really cheers me up.
So, enjoy! Hopefully I will soon think of something to write about!
By the way...how cool is her dress??? Love it!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Today Was a Fairy Tale

Every man's life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers.
Hans Christian Andersen
Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.
C.S. Lewis
Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.
Author Unknown
"When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales.
In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he's everything you ever wanted.
In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot.
The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is.
Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he's not easy to spot; he's really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair."
Taylor Swift
"If I’m honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all."
Audrey Hepburn
"The way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in."
W.H. Auden
Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all.
Hans Christian Andersen

Monday, March 14, 2011

In Honor of Japan

I don't know about you, but the tragedy that happened in Japan is braking my heart. What I am watching on the news seems like scenes from an "end of the world" movie. Everything is going wrong.

The earthquake that happened in Haiti and the tsunami in Indonesia were terrible also. But the blow to Japan hit me hard. I guess it's because they weren't poverty stricken.

Their way of life is more like ours; I can relate to them more. I can put myself in their place, thinking what if that happened here?

I made a short slideshow in honor of Japan, and as a reminder of how terrible things are half way across the world.

Warning, it will make you cry.

Keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Art

I posted some new art!
If anyone ever needs me to draw something for your blog, just let me know!
I am now accepting requests.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting out of the Snare of Worry

Worry is a word I am very familiar with.
Too familiar.
It's a known fact, some people worry more than others.
Another known fact is that some people worry way more than they should.
One fact that may not be well known is that worry is a sin.
Every time you worry, you are sinning.
Kinda changes your perspective doesn't it?
As Christians, we really have no reason to worry.
God is in control of everything, good or bad.
He knows what is going to happen before it happens.
And the best part is that He has a reason for everything.
He has a plan.
Sure it is not quite what we had planned...
but you can always count on the fact that His is better.
Though you can't see how now,
it may become clear down the road.
Ok Ashley, worry is a sin...I get it. But how do I stop worrying?
It just happens, I have no control over it!
That's the way I used to think.
"It's just how I am...I can't help it."
What a lie. What a wrong mind set.
That way of thinking is what kept me in the pit of despair during my 7th-10th grade years.
I wasted all those years being miserable.
Not just miserable...but miserable for myself.
Me me me, that's all I ever thought about.
That is practically what worry is, focusing on yourself.
"But I don't only worry about me! I worry about my grandma's health, my dad's job, my school grade, my voice performance coming up!"
Ok, but are you focusing on God?
No? Then you are focusing on yourself.
What good is it thinking and worrying about those things
when you can just give them up to God?
You are wasting your time and energy.
The time and energy you could be funneling into so many other things
such as reaching out to others, being a leader, and deepening your relationship with God.
If you are in caught in the snare of worry, have no fear.
I know exactly what you are dealing with.
Here are some ways to begin the long trek towards a worry free, self free life.
And a life that is focused on others and the Lord.
1. Take your eyes off yourself.
We literally have to train ourselves to do this.
It does not come naturally, thanks to our sinful nature.
But it can be done.
Starting is the hard part.
Instead of feeling sorry for yourself when no one is talking to you at youth or school,
look around for someone else who is not being talked to.
You have to be a friend to have friends.
Instead of going to the mall and worrying about how you look
or what people think of your new super cute new hair style, open your eyes!
Do you see anyone who needs help?
Mabye a old lady needs help carrying some bags, or someone dropped a bunch of coins
and is scrambling around trying to pick them all up.
And there is always someone out there who could use a nice bright smile.
It doesn't come naturally! I know!
But the more you do it, the more it will just come naturally...
and the more you will feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
2. Worship and praise God.
"Worship is...
a place where we can drown out the voices of fear and doubt
with a flood of adoration and praise.
And as we come before the Lord, He reminds us of all that He is,
and that increases our faith."
The Prayer that Changes Everything by Stormie Omartian
This is a tool I used quite alot during my battle with worry.
Every time a worry popped into my mind I beat it back by singing a
worship song or muttering a Bible verse praising God.
Or just come up with your own praises.
Here are some to get you started.
* I praise You for being my Prince of Peace.
* I thank You that in Your presence I can find peace for my soul.
*Thank You that You are greater than any of my problems.
* Thank You that You are always with me.
*I worship You, Father God, for You are my Lord and King.
* I'll praise You God whether I feel like it or not, and no matter what is happening.
*Thank You for renewing my strength like the eagles.
* Thank You that You haven't given me fear but have given me your love,
power, and a sound mind.
~Praise the Lord, O my soul, and don't forget all He has done for you~
~Psalms 103:2~
4. Meditate on scripture
I don't mean the sit cross legged and empty your mind "uuummmm...." kind of meditation.
When I talk about meditation, I mean the kind where you ponder and
focus on a passage of Scripture.
Here is a little cheat sheet that helped me when I was just learning about this
meditating thing. When you read a passage, say these 3 questions to yourself.
* What does this passage teach concerning God's will for a holy life?
* How does my life measure up to that scripture? Where do I fall short?
*What definite steps of action do I need to take to obey?
"When you think about a problem over and over in your mind, that is called worry.
When you think about God's word over and over in your mind, that's called meditation.
If you know how to worry, you already know how to meditate!
Just switch your attention from your problems to Bible verses.
The more you meditate on God's word, the less you have to worry about."
The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
Worry is a complicated and very personal topic.
I know, I used to struggle with it every single day.
I am going to be completely honest though...
you will struggle with worry for the rest of your life.
It's not just a fase, something you will just "get over".
You have to constantly work at overcoming it.
The more you work at it, the easier it will become.
And never forget this truth.
With God, all things are possible.
God bless,
Here are some books I recommend if you would like to know more.
*The Prayer that Changes Everything by Stormie Omartian
*The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
*Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer
*The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Achieve that Bohemian Look

A while ago I wrote a post about how I love the bohemian look.
If you don't remember, scroll down...it's down there somewhere.
I am now going to show you some ways to achieve that look.
First off, accessories.
If you're still a little self conscious about this new style
and you don't want to go all out quite yet, accessories are a good way to start.
I don't have any bohemian looking clothes quite yet,
but I have been able to get a headband, some necklaces, and some earrings
that really help you get into the boho style.
Here is a polyvore set (below) I made of some boho looking jewelery and accessories:
Untitled by ashipoo on Polyvore.com For me feather jewelry really looks bohemian.
I recently bought me a set of feather earrings and I love them.
Dresses! Oh how I love them!
There are so many styles, designs, and ways of wearing them!
Below are some boho dresses that are just adorable!
They would look so cute with cardigans and jean jackets on top, and skinny or boot cut jeans underneath!
Or...just by themselves.
Bohemian dresses
Bohemian skirts are the best.
They are so comfy, swishy, and flowy.
Not to mention the bright colors and bold designs!
You could also totally dress them up of dress them down for whatever occasion!
Boho Skirts
Boho Skirts by ashipoo on Polyvore.com Shirts are the tricky part for me.
I love the loose, light, bohemian tops...
but it is really hard for me to wear them without looking fat.
I have several friends (not to mention my sister)
that look great in loose fitting and flowy shirts.
I just am not made for them... instead of looking cute and flowy...
I look like a balloon.
So yea, still figuring out this part of the wardrobe.
But here are some extremely cute shirts you can take a look at to give
you an idea of what to look for!
Boho Tops
Boho Tops by ashipoo on Polyvore.com
And last but not least we have....
complete outfits! (below)
Now whenever you have questions about what the bohemian style looks like,
you can just scurry on over and check out this post.
And if you're friends have questions...send them here too!
The Boho Look
The Boho Look by ashipoo on Polyvore.com
Hope you enjoyed looking at all the pretty clothes and outfits.
I know making these sets made me happy and wish that spring would come even quicker!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

O.C.T Challenge....Officially Over

Hey hey hey!
The month of February is officially over.
You know what that means.....
so is the O.C.T Challenge!
So be honest....how do you think it went?
Great, good, ok, so so, bad.....
For me it went pretty well.
I admit, i didn't comment on every single post I read...
but I did comment much much much more than i ever have in my life.
And you know what? I think I shall continue.
It's fun and people really enjoy it.
Anyone on board with me? ;p
If not that's ok, I'll only cry a little.
But promise me this, think about how you can use
not only your blog, but your comments to help encourage
fellow bloggers.
Cause I'm gonna be perfectly honest.
I have considered quiting my blog several times because
I felt that no one was reading it because no one would comment on my posts.
(except you Beth and Rae. xoxoxo)
You know you like it when people comment on your posts,
it is the exact same for everyone else.
Just something to chew on. ;P
O.T.C challenge officially over.
Mission Accomplished.
Over and out.