Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Darling

A few Sundays ago, my sister Emi looked so cute. She always dresses more casual than me, so it surprised me when she came out of her room looking so spiffy. When she got home she asked me if I can post a pic or two of her on my blog. Sure...why not. ;) She got these shoes a week or two ago and I think they are DARLING! Too bad we don't wear the same size. :(
So, it is snowing here where I live today.... has it snowed yet where you live? If not, do you ever get much snow? We don't get a ton here, but it is more than enough. :)


Beth Ann said...

I finally get to see this post! lol It wasn't working before. Wow, I love that cute. :) Tell her I said so. ;)

Marie said...

Wow I love those shoes!

Rae said...

Wow that is a beautiful outfit.. very darrrrling.. :)