Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bad days

Bad days, everybody has them. Well, today was mine. I'm sick with the flu, feel like poop, and just found out that my "adoptive grandpa" (aka...a older man I was really close to at church) died today from either a heart attack or stroke. Totally unexpected. I feel sooo bad for his wife. (my adoptive grandma)

Kinda feel like crying, kinda can't. So, yeah, that is the story of my bad day. But we shall not dwell on the negative shall we? There is always positive mixed in with the negative....the positive I dwell on is that God is in control. No matter how bad it gets, He has got it under control. He has it all planned out, and it is always for your good, whether it seems like it or not.

Also, as my mom often reminds me, someone always has it worse off than you. You're having a bad day? Well, someone in the world is having a bad week, month, or heck...even a year!

Another thing that cheers me up is music! AAHHHH.....what would life be without it? Here is a song that always cheers me up. :)


Marie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Ashley! <3 I'll keep you in my prayers this week!! Thanks for posting the video too, I forgot about that one. Very good. :)

*Ashley* said...

thank you marie. :)

Rae said...

Hey Girl..
I love the song Bad Day but hate bad days..:(
Sorry things so rough.. hope they get better.. praying..

Daughter of the King said...

Sorry to hear that for you girl! I hope you feel better soon, and if you need to girl just let it out and cry. I always feel better when I cry it out, so don't hold back if you can help it. Your mother sounds like a very wise woman...similar to things my momma has said to me over the years...and both our moms are RIGHT.

(I am sick too right's so fun...especially since my bf and I are celebrating our one year anniversary today...we were gonna go hiking and have a picnic...and I'M SICK!)

Hoping we get better soon,

*Ashley* said...

thank you Rae. :)

thanks Sarah. yeah, she is wise. we are both blessed with wise moms. :)

oh, well that stinks about being sick on your anniversary. :( mabye you can celebrate it when your better. and just relax together and have some tea and watch a movie or something today. :)