Thursday, November 11, 2010


Just thought I'd share some pictures a friend sent me the other day that I found rather funny...ok....hilarious. Hope you find them funny....mabye I'm just wierd...
So, I dunno really how to ask this question. (and I'm scared of the answers) But, do you all think my blog is too...random? I mean, I just post things that I enjoy and find amusement in...and I write like I'm having a conversation with someone. I guess I'm just doubting because I've been looking at several other blogs and they just seem so organized. Like they have a theme and know exactly what their posts are about. (and they have alot of followers too) So, yeah, don't be afraid to be honest. Mabye I'm just not cut out for this whole "blogging" thing. Whatcha think? I'm all ears. :) PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS AND TELL ME.


Daughter of the King said...

Ashley, I LoVe reading your RaNdOm blog!!! Themed blogs are okay, but I really prefer reading blogs that have a little bit of everything going on...really. When you write like you are having a conversation or just like how you really are, and the things that you truly love you are being totally transparent, and that is a quality that I really admire!

I hope that my blog is not too random...and sure you and I may not have the LARGEST amount of followers ever, but we are true to ourselves and well, I guess that suits us? *Not that ppl who write themed blogs are not transparent, just clarifying here!*

I love your blog girl!

-Bess- said...

Be yourself & blog about whatever you want cause you want to...We love who you are, girl!

Marie said...

Hey I love your blog Ashley! It's such a fun mix of everything. There isn't anything wrong with random. :)

*Ashley* said...

thank you three for commenting...apparently, no one else had anything good to say. lol jk.
thanks for reading my blog and dealing with my crazy randomness. you all are such great bloggers...
i enjoy your blogs alot.
your awesome...last thing im gonna say.

Rae said...

Sorry.. just now saw this post.. ha ha.. love that kitty!
Um I enjoy your "randomness".. But it not so much random as it is your style.. :)
I love a variety of topics.. and hearing about all the things you enjoy.. :)
Keep it up.. :)
love ya. Rae