Friday, November 19, 2010

A Magical Moment *3*

Disney Challenge question on the week..... Who is your favorite prince??? 1. Aladdin. I mean, Prince Ali! I've had a crush on him since forever!!! That cute little street rat, dimond in the rough! (dunno if i spelled that right, you know what i mean) 2. Eric. I always thought he was so nice and cute... plus his dog rocks. ;) 3. Phillip. I always found him kinda humorous. Especially when he would talk to his horse. "No carrots" ha ha ha ha Who is your dream prince? ;) Don't be shy.


Beth Ann said...

Well, of course I always like the suave and sophisticated ones.. :P But out of those three choices...I would have to go with Aladdin...just as long as the flying carpet comes with the package. :P :P

Allison said...

Definitely the ones with more personality- I really had a thing for Phillip and Eric... :) And of course Aladdin's the top on any girl's list! I loved Snow White and Cinderella but I realized the princes essentially are just there for the story- they have NO character whatsoever!

Polka Dot said...

I love Aladdin so much. I like Phillip, too, mostly because (unlike Snow White's guy and Prince Charming) he actually does something awesome... kills the dragon to marry the princess, etc. : )

In response to your comment on the dance... (wasn't sure if you'd see it if I replied to your comment on my post)... we danced a lot of contra dances, and swing and waltz. The girls far outnumbered the guys, but most of us got to dance at least *some* of the time! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

*Ashley* said...

yea i know what you all mean, neither cinderella nor snow whites prince charmings did much. they werent to much to look at either. ;)

polka dot- thanks, yea, i didnt see your reply. forgot to look. lol oh i love the swing! it would be so fun to give it a try! yea, i figured they boys were outnumbered. ;) but at least there were some.