Friday, April 15, 2011

School's Almost Out...

Good morning one and all!
I saw from my little poll thing in the top right corner of my blog that some of you want to see
more "What I've been up to" posts.
That's cool...
Glad you all care! ;)
So here is the latest on mi vida...
(speaking of poll, i know more than 4 people read my blog. so vote! only 2 days left!)
1. Today I get my stitches out of my lip and possibly a little cutting done.
People have been asking if I'm nervous and I'm like,
"No way! I'm actually looking forward to it...cause it's driving me crazy!!!!"'s no big deal.
2. Been finishing up my school year, making sure I get everything done.
I'm getting out of school earlier this year so I have a ton to do in a shorter than normal time.
Also studying for my math entrance exam for the community college.
Can you say stress?
3. Getting ready for Summit. Seriously can't wait...2 1/2 weeks on my own with friends.
Sure there is quite alot of mental work involved, but hey..
studying about worldviews is better than math and 15 page essays.
(which i need to get done before i go...)
4. Been designing and drawing a cover for a book my friend is writing.
It's seriously looking pretty good if I don't say so myself.
I'll have to post it on my art site.
(the one above is not it)
Also been knitting a hat for a guy at church, does he know it's spring time?
i dunno...
5. I've been asked to be the music leader for two different camps.
(although i think i can only do one)
So need to figure out what songs to do and what motions to put to them,
also before I leave for Summit.
Well I think that's everything important.
Feeling a tiny bit stressed, but hey...
how boring would life be if there wasn't a little stress and challenge involved?
It's one way how God molds me into what he wants me to be.
God bless,


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Of course we care silly, or we wouldn't follow your lovely blog! Sounds like you're keeping pretty busy! =)

Rae said...

wow!!!!! busy busy busy girl!!!!
:) take a few hours to relax every now and then girl!! lol

*Ashley* said...

katy sue- aw...shucks. :)

rae- ha, yea. i shall try. :)