Monday, April 18, 2011

In A Crafty Mood

So I have been in a crafty mood lately....and boy have I found some nifty crafts!
I have actually started making these. They are necklace pendants made out of scrabble and/or domino pieces. Really easy and they turn out really pretty!
I'm also doing these. It's pretty much just painted rocks. But hey, they're pretty!
You could put them on a shelf or desk, put them in a bowl (you know, like you do for soap),
or give them away as gifts. I thought this was a wonderful brilliant idea, especially if a room needs some brightening up.
Just blow up a pretty picture of a cloudy sky about the size of a window.
There ya go, it's like a window that is always sunny!
Oh how I would love to give this a try.
Go to Walmart and buy a plain white pair of slip on shoes,
then get ya some puffy paint and knock yourself out!
Ok, so just how whimsical is this bottle? It just screams Alice in Wonderland.
Here are some cute card designs I might try sometime...
maybe I could do one for my dad's birthday coming up.
And who doesn't like them some cute pillows?
Birds on a line...aaawwww!!!
This would make such a cute wedding gift wouldn't it?
I don't necessarily want to make this but, I thought it was just so stinkin creative.
Ha, so what do you all think? Are you in "the mood" yet? Which one is your favorite?
What do you love to make?


KatySue Pillsbury said...

I'm starting to get the summer sewing itch, good thing it's pay day and I have coupons for JoAnns! ;-)
I love the bottle and the light bulb pictures, so cute and wonderful!

Beth Ann said...

I did the rock craft a long time ago! lol But really want to do it again after seeing those pictures! haha Is this a hint by the way? ;) :P

*Ashley* said...

katysue- i wish i could sew! i have tried, but it doesnt turn out pretty. ;)

beth- ha yea, i like the rock craft. easy cheesy. can be a hint.... :)

Marie said...

I love those painted rocks.. so pretty!