Thursday, April 7, 2011

Accidents Happen...Even to Me!

Alright, I am not usually know to be clumsy or to get myself hurt.
But ya know? Everyone has those days....
Yesterday was mine.
I was playing capture the flag with my youth group last night.
I was running after this guy who had our flag!!
(trying to save the day...ya know?)
And I collided head on with another girl who had the same idea in mind.
Yea...the result wasn't pretty.
She kind of got a busted lip, and hurt her shoulder cause she landed so hard.
My tooth got embedded in my bottom lip.
So I had to go get stitches and junk.
Here is the before picture.....
And after....ewww. I look terrible!! Good thing I took all the pics for the Nancy Drew Fashion Week earlier!!! doesn't like the way my stitches look, so I am going to a doctor or two this morning to get a second recommendation. So...please pray for me! Kinda nervous about what they are going to do. ciao! *Ash*


Beth Ann said...

Aww, doesn't look *too* bad..but I'm sure it doesn't feel awesome.
:( Still praying for you! :) ♥

Ray said...


*Ashley* said...

it looks worse in person. pictures dont give it credit.

Rae said...

Ow.... sorry girl! hope it nothing to serious and heals up good!

*Ashley* said...

thanks rae- im just grateful my teeth are all still there. lol im partial to my teeth. ;0)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Ouch, girl! I hope that lip heals up HERO-ess you! haha