Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nancy Drew- 70's Style...

In Natasha and Ashley's Nancy Drew Fashion Week, I am mostly taking on her look
from the 70's series.
I know this series and look may not be familiar to you.
And the look is not quite what one would picture for Nancy Drew.
It isn't like what is on the cover of the books, and in Emma Watson's Nancy Drew movie.
But I chose this look because it's different, and because that is mostly what I have in my closet.
I am going for the collared shirts, bell bottoms, and scarves.
I couldn't find many good pics of Nancy's 70's look, so to give you a better idea...
check out this episode of the Nancy Drew Mysteries.
Part 3 though has the best demonstration of what I am trying to immitate with the collared shirts and bell bottoms. :)


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Nice! I knew about it, but the fact it started on a Friday kind of threw me for a loop! I like your 70's Nancy looks!

Beth Ann said...

Looove that series. ;) She was the best Nancy..even if she was annoying sometimes, lol at least she knew how to dress! haha