Friday, April 1, 2011

Found A Clue- day 1

Hello everybody! I recently found out about the
Nancy Drew Fashion Week hosted by
Natasha and sounds like a blast!
I am absolutely in love with Nancy Drew!
My creative juices suddenly began to flow all of a sudden,
so I took all of my pics for this week in the same day.
Saves time too. :)
Well, this is my Nancy Drew outfit and no....
I cannot NOT pose dramatically.
I am an actress at heart so I "became" Nancy Drew for an hour or so.
What would Nancy wear?
What would Nancy do?
How would Nancy do her hair?
Etc, etc...
While looking through my closet, I came to the decision that most of my
Nancy outfits would be from the 70's.
I also just love that old 70's Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys series.
So I broke out my biggest bell bottom jeans and collared shirts to get that 70's groove.
Nancy is investigating of course! What else would she be doing? :) And she always finds something with her handy dandy magnify lens.
white polo- JCPennys
vest- Hand me down
sweater- Goodwill
jeans- no clue
shoes- hand me down (not comfy!!)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Your outfit is SO DARN TOOTIN' CUTE, Ashley! And I just love how you 'embodied' Nancy Drew! =)

Beth Ann said...

Love that shirt! lol Cute photo shoot. :)

Ashley Nicole said...

You make such a cute 70s Nancy Drew!! :)