Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Perfect Party

What makes a perfect part? The theme? The decorations? The food?
I believe it's the people that make the party....
but those three things definitely help!
Here are some pictures I found of some absolutely beautiful parties.
They are all so detailed and beautifully complicated.
What do you think of this world explorer theme? Ancient and wonderful!
This spring tea party would be so lovely to attend....I want to have one now. And who could say no to an ice cream social? huh? (unless your allergic to milk like me...) These are my colors right here. The go together so well and just make me happy inside. That wall hanging mosaic is so cool also! This inside tea party is just adorable, and it looks so easy to put together! I love the pillow idea! It just adds a splash of color to everything! And that bird cage hanging..... love! Wouldn't this cake go perfectly with the setting above? I absolutely love this cake, so creative! And the cookie birdies are sooooooo cute! Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. You pretty much got all three right here with these cakes. They would be pretty easy to decorate too...since you pretty much just stick a lollipop in it. Our Christmas bark has always been a big hit. But why not make party bark? huh? just add colorful sprinkles and viola!
This cake looks so deliciously sinful.
Chocolate and raspberries, two of my favorite things.
Colors galore! How cool is this? I would love to give this a try sometime!
I saw this cake and was like.....GASP!
(just like that)
How could you get more colorful and cute than this?
Not possible!
And last but not least, here is a link to the most beautiful and wonderful
party I've seen in a long time.
Enjoy day dreaming the rest of the day about your perfect party.
And who knows? Maybe you could use some of these ideas for a party of yours coming up!


Beth Ann said...

I would love to have a party!! Not sure where would be awesome! :)

Ray said...

GIRL! I am drooling!

Leia Firewalker said...

I've seen that rainbow cake before in an old American Girl magazine!! XD Ha! I had forgotten about it...

-Leia <3

Marie said...

Great party ideas.. I love them all!! :)