Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shopping Success!

Hello fellow bloggers. How has your weekend been?
Mine was nice, finally got to go to the mall. *squeal!*
I have never been shopping for solely accessories before.
It was rather nice not having to try on clothes and all,
and I came home rather happy and satisfied.
I won't waste your time with everything I bought,
but let's just say I got most of what was on my list.
yay me!
Today has been rather interesting and stressful.
My mom got a call at like 2:00am from my grandma. (her mom)
She said that she was having really bad pains in her abdomen,
so mom took her to the ER. Turns out she has a blockage
in her small intestines. Ouch.
So mom is extremely tired, and my dad and sister are all sick with sinus junk.
Not quite a happy family tonight.
But God knew I needed comforting, and to get me off myself and my worries,
He played just the right songs on my Pandora radio station.
Revelation Song- Phillips, Craig, and Dean
How Great is Our God- Chris Tomlin
Lead Me to the Cross- Hillsong
Forever- Fireflight
Just the songs I am needing. Thank you God.
You're the best.


Meredith said...

fun times! and:
i'll so take Anne of green gables. she rocks! but only if you spell it with an 'e' ;) PS: i tried to email you back but couldn't find your address, sad day!

*Ashley* said...

i dont have an email address that i put out on my blog and stuff. i might once i get more followers and all. :)
ha ok, anne with an 'e' it is then. ;p

Rae said...

Wow.. Love shopping with friends.. got some cute pixs out too!! :)