Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shout It Out Fashion Show day 3: Flash From the Past

So...this is my first post for the Shout It Out Modest Fashion Show contest. It's actually day 3 of the contest...but I was gone till yesterday. Anywho...I guess I'll call this one "A Flash From the Past". (I'm not very good at this creative title case you haven't noticed) So, the dress is from Walmart, the shoes were a gift, and the bike is mine. (it's like 30 yrs old...and I still use it. Vintage stuff Rocks!!!)
I was messing around with this last photo. I made part of it look old. Thought it was pretty cool. So, what do you think? I like comments. (who doesnt???)


Marie said...

Aw I love the dress! It's adorable.. and the bike is AWESOME. I Love old stuff!! :)

Sarah said...

So cute! I love it. ♥

Modesty is Pretty said...

cute dress and great bike! very nice pictures =)

Natasha Atkerson said...

I LOVE the last photo! Thanks for entering my fashion show! How did you age the photo?

Kendra said...

How lovely! i love summery dresses and vintage bikes!! What great pics!

-Bess- said...

I love that old photo-looking pic (with the bike) you created! It turned out great! Sorry, I'm late on commenting on stuff.
P.S.: Yes, beautiful I said!