Monday, May 2, 2011

Portrait Contest

I was really excited when I heard about Polka Dot's Portrait contest
cause I love taking pictures of people!!!
But as I was looking through all my portraits, I realized that some of the best ones was some
senior portraits my sister took of me.
So this is actually my sister entering. Not me. So if one of these wins, the prize goes to her.
Thanks for hosting this Polka Dot, you rock girl. :)


Beth Ann said...

Luuuvve the photos. :) That second one is awesome...(but so is the first lol). ♥ My little is growing up! haha

*Ashley* said...

sniff sniff...yup. ha ha thank ya! i really like the last one too. i look alot tanner in the first one for some

Beth Ann said...

Hope I get a tan in

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love portraits of people near railroad tracks...and especially when they are of lovely fellow DOTK's!! =)