Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebrity Highschool Pic Game

Alright, we are gonna play a little game. I found these pics of certain celebrities while they were in highschool and thought I could have some fun with them. So, here's how this little game works:
I'll post the highschool photos today
You all can guess who they are and put your answer in the comment box
And in three or four days, I'll post the answers.
There are no prizes or anything (cause I'm not that cool) but...this is just for fun. :)
#2 (girl to the left)
#3 #4


Daughter of the King said...

Just one guess for me:
(4) Harrison Ford (?)

Eastlyn said...

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Josie said...

Is the girl to the left Minnie Driver?

Beth Ann said...

#1- Brad Pitt? :P Ha, I really have no idea.
#4- Would have to say Harrison Ford

Really only the last one even looks familiar...are you sure I would know them? lol

Beth Ann said...

Hmm, is the first one Brenda Fraser? lol No that can't be right...hmm