Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will I Do It?

The other day, my family was all eating at Arbys.
While we were wrapping up our dinner of roast beef goodness,
we noticed a girl walk out of the kitchen and sit in the very back of the restaurant.
It was obvious that she worked there, and it was obvious that she was sobbing. Hard.
After a little while my sister, Emi, leaned over and asked,
"Should I go see if she is Ok?"
"Sure, if you wanna."
A few minutes passed and I forgot all about it. But not Emi.
All of a sudden she stood up, and disappeared.
It took me a while to notice where she went, and then I realized.
She had done it.
Turns out the Holy Spirit had been telling her to do it the whole time.
Or as she describes it, "beating on her chest screaming at her."
It turned out to be no big deal, nothing to be afraid of.
The girl was so grateful, and Emi's light was truly shining for God.
It got me thinking......
How many times have I ignored the Holy Spirit?
Why did I? Because I was scared? Proud? Shy?
Do those reasons even matter to God? No.
Next time the Spirit of the Lord tells me to do something;
something as small as asking if they're alright,
will I do it?


Beth Ann said...

This was really really good Ashley. Glad you put it up on your blog. :) I am having that feeling right now...just praying for a little courage. ;) ~♥~

*Ashley* said...

yeah what emi did really touched me. made me realize how many opportunities there really are to help people out there.
me too sista, me too. :)

Rae said...

wow.. thanks for sharing..
Good to hear.. I quench that feeling all too often...

Marie said...

Thank you for the good reminder!!