Friday, January 14, 2011

Prom, Dresses, and Modesty

I was recently informed about a homeschool prom that was going
to take place in Indianapolis. It looked like sooo much fun.
Instead of pairing off and doing the normal prom types of dances,
they were going to have group dances, such as the Virginia Reel and such,
and an Irish folk band was going to play the music.
I was pretty much planning on going but, alas, I can't.
It is going on at the same time as Summit.
My sister is still thinking about going if she can find a friend to go with her.
So I guess I am just going to have to organize some type of dance
thing here where I live. This time not only for highschoolers,
but for all ages!
Anyways, I was looking online for some cheap prom dresses just for fun
the other day and found these beauties.
They were called "modest prom dresses" and only had these to choose from.
I think they are so much prettier than the "normal" prom dresses though,
and I would feel 100% more comfortable in these.
(they were NOT cheap though....figures)
So while we are on the topic of dresses and modesty, I have a question for you all.
How do you feel about wearing halters, spaghetti straps, or strapless dresses
for special occasions like a wedding, prom, or fancy party?
I have thought about this alot, and have argued with my mom
plenty about this issue. Tell me what you think.
Have a great weekend ya'll! I am going to the mall Saturday and soy muy feliz!


Beth Ann said...

Love those dresses! :D
You should! Lets get a square dance going! lol Need to ask Emily when the next one is. :)

Meredith said...

first of all, i home schooled too! BFFs for sure;) second: aren't modest prom dresses the hardest to find that are cute and affordable? jeez. i used to have to make my own sleeves/jackets to modify mine. when will the world learn?? good luck! AND have FUN girl!!


Rebecca said...

I love the green one =) I have to wear a jacket with a yellow dress i have. It does sadden me that its so hard to find modest dresses these days. Did you check out the dresses on ebay? God will provide if its His will! =) Good luck!

Marie said...

Ohh these are SO pretty! I love the first two especially. ^_^

I think you shouldn't compromise just for certain events.

However I don't have a huge problem with strapless dresses either... As long as they are high enough they cover your chest. Halters you have to be careful with as usually they dip really low and are made to accent your chest!

I don't know.. I think you just have to use your judgment on the issue. :) And there are more modest options out there, either with wider straps or with sleeves like the ones above!! They are still very beautiful and flattering without being revealing! :)