Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 6 of Shout It! Fashion Show-- Past/Modern Mixup

Day 6 of the Shout It! Modest Fashion Show. I am not feelin very creative today...so this one is just gonna be called "Past/Modern Mixup." Because the surroundings look old....and my outfit looks fairly modern to me. Impressive, I know. :)
What I'm wearing: Shirt-- hand me down
Skinny jeans-- JC Pennys
Gladiator sandals-- Old Navy
Berea-- Wet Seal Just to let you know....I don't usually look like that when I'm talking on the phone....unless I'm talking to a boy. Ha ha jk!!!


Jessica said...

Nice pictures... I like your surroundings and the outfit! Especially the top and sandals-- and berets are always cute!

~ Jessica

Sarah said...

Oh my word, that's so cute! I love your outfit AND the phone pictures...lol ;D

Marie said...

Cute photos! :) I love your outfit too. The beret is adorable.. I am a hat fanatic. :) hehe.

Maggie said...

Cute outfit! I LOVE the shoes! Too cute! :)