Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pictures of Ocoee Outreach 2010

Here are some pictures of the mission trip to TN. This first one was taken outside of Target....those who came shopping all had our Ocoee Outreach Tshirts on....and the blue looked really cool next to the red. This is probably one of my fave pics that we took.This is me scraping the paint off the house. It took forever!!!! I'm striking a threatening pose... in case you were wondering.
At our paint site there were a litter of kittens. They were so fun to play with on your free time. They got in the way though...they had paint all over them by the end of the week.
This is me (white shirt) and a friend painting way up high. I must admit... I was freaked out. Thank goodness I didn't need to be up there long. :) My and two other girls that went showing how messy we got. (by the way... I painted Emily's shirt on purpose. She didn't get that messy by herself.)
Before Picture of the house.... After picture of the house.... and the whole group...and the home owners. Video of poor Alex way up high on the ladder. He was scared the whole time...but would not come down till he was done. He would shake so bad from fear that the whole latter would shake. He was a trooper!!! the videos are not working for me... are they working for you all?
Video of our group at the youth rally. There was an awesome band that came and played for us. They are called Refuge 99. We had a ton o' fun!!! Im in the white shirt (front right) dancing like crazy. he he...
Alex and the lead singer of the band having a screeching contest. It cracks me up everytime. Personally...I think Alex won. What do you think? lol
Well...thats enough. You're probably bored by now. But...seriously. Consider going on a mission trip. Whether it is in the country...or over seas. GO! It may be scary at first...but once you go, you will be on fire for God. Let me know if you are planning on going on one soon....or if you have been on one before. I love hearing about mission trips!!
Peace out

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Marie said...

Oh i just saw this post now!! I don't know how I missed it! The house looks good and it looks like you all had fun. :) The kittens are adorable!! Squeeee! ^_^