Monday, December 27, 2010

A White Christmas

I have been enjoying looking at many of your blog posts about your Christmas. It is amazing how each family has a different tradition. Here is a little taste of what my Christmas season included.
Lots and lots of snow. We have had snow on the ground for a month now...
so we most definitely had a white Christmas
Gift wrapping. On Christmas eve eve, I wrapped for three hours straight.
I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was good at it. But at least I had my kitties to keep my company... even though they did get in the way a little.
Baking and decorating cookies. One night, when my sister wasn't feeling well,
we decided to make us some yummy men....
gingerbread men I mean.
We had a blast decorating all the cookies, and I must admit, got a little crazy.
Here is a Peter Pan and Wendy that I decorated.
I have no clue what made me think of that.....
Guess who this is! That's right, Willy Wonka himself and his Oompa Loompa workers.
Emily spent probably half the time working on Willy...
and was so sad when she had to eat him.

One highlight of this Christmas was having Jo stay at our house. She is from China and is going to college here in the states. She has only been here for a semester, so she didn't know too much about the American culture...or Christianity. It was fun showing her what an American, Christian family is like.

She had a blast experiencing an American Christmas, opening stockings,

and singing Christmas carols.

I also enjoyed learning about the Chinese culture. One thing I learned is that Chinese don't bake. They don't have ovens in China. No ovens mean no cookies, brownies, cake, etc.

Can you imagine? So we got her a baking kit and a cake mix.

One of my favorite Christmas tradition is watching The Nativity Story. I know alot of it is made up, but it just puts my focus on the true meaning of Christmas. The actors do so well, that I forget that they're acting. And I can't help but cry during the birth of Jesus.

One of the big gifts that we got this year was a new camera. We got a Canon PowerShot SX130lS. I know it's not the best kind out there, but it is a ton better than what we had before, and it was in our price range.

I also got this little guy. He is supposed to help you draw better...cause you can see all the joints and all. I feel like a real artist now!

And last but not least, this pillow. Cute isn't it? My sister made it!!! She picked the fabric, drew the bird and flower, and sewed on the buttons and flower. It was a total surprise too.

Well, that pretty much sums up my Christmas this year. My cousins from VA usually come to visit for a few days as well, but they got around 14inches of snow yesterday. So I don't see them coming... but anything is possible. (with God)
Hope you continue to have a great week.


Beth Ann said...

Loved this post! It's nice getting to see what your Christmas was like. :)

*Ashley* said...

thanks beth. i had fun doing it. :) made me realize how blessed i was this christmas, even tho several things didnt work out as planned.

Rae said...

Thanks for sharing.. Looks like you had a very special Christmas.. :)