Friday, December 10, 2010

Would You Rather....*Christmas Edition*

Ok, so lets play a game! I have always loved the game Would You Rather so I was rather excited when I was flipping through the newest edition of the American Girl magazine at my local library (strolling down memory lane....when i was young i got the mag for several years) and found a tiny Christmas edition. (they actually called it This or That....same difference)
Enough chatting....lets play!
Would you rather......
be chased by a nutcracker soldier
a snowman?
ride somewhere in a horse-drawn sleigh
a snow mobile?
open a gift that contained $1 million
one granted wish?
be able to drink only hot chocolate
only apple cider with every meal?
frost 100 cookies
wrap 100 gifts?
Well, that should be enough for now. I'll do the rest later. So leave me a comment telling me which ones you would rather do. Some of them are kinda tricky.
Here are my answers!
I would rather.....
Be chased by a nutcracker soldier.
(when i picture being chased....i think more of being pursued. tee hee)
Ride somewhere in a horse-drawn sleigh.
(I've never been on a sleigh ride...and it looks so romantic and wintery!)
Have one granted wish.
(this one was tricky, but i got smart about it.
with the wish you can wish for a $100 million dollars...or more!)
Be able to drink only hot chocolate with every meal.
(yea both of them sounded gross to me. But i like hot chocolate a lot better than cider.)
Frost 100 cookies.
(it is so much easier and quicker frosting cookies than wrapping gifts...mabye thats just me.)
Ok, so there's my answers. So leave a comment and join me in the
great fun of this Christmasy game!


Yo sissy said...

I would rather be chased by a nitcracker...dude because if i were chased by a snowman, I wouldn't like them anymore.
I would rather go somewhere in a sleigh. It would b really pretty.**
I would rather have one wish granted, and that wish would be that no person in the world would be hungry ever again....*awww*
I would rathr have hot cider with evry meal, because hot chocolate makes me feel sick....yeah. It's prolly healthier too! ;0)
I would also rather frost 100 cookies, because u can eat while doing it, and I would prolly be better at it.

Sarah said...

SNOWMAN - Because I could melt him with my warm and fuzzy self! hehe

A SNOW MOBILE - yeah sure the horse drawn sleigh would be more fairy-tale like but this gal has a need for speed!

GRANTED ONE WISH - But I am not telling what my wish is! =P

APPLE CIDER - I love chocolate but that would be just too much chocolate for me after a apple cider it is.

FROST 100 COOKIES - Simply because I am a crappy gift wrapper and it is so not my forte!!!