Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Magical Moment *7*

Disney Challenge Question #7: What is the saddest Disney moment? Ohhhh....good one. 1) Tarzan- when he decides to go with Jane to England, and he tells his mommy monkey that she will always be his mom. (kinda silly, i know. but its just so touching on the movie!) 2) Beauty & the Beast- when the beast changes back to a human. (sure its supposed to be a happy ending, but i wanted him to stay a cute little beast. lol) 3) The Lion King- when Mufasa falls and gets trampled by the herd of buffalo (or something) and then little Simba goes down there and tries to wake him up. sniff sniff What do you think is the saddest Disney moment?
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Polka Dot said...

The scene in Dumbo when the mom is locked in the trailer thing, and she sticks her trunk out the window and rocks Dumbo. MY WORD. I get teary just thinking about it. I haven't seen it years, though.

*Ashley* said...

polka dot- oh, i so know what you mean! i almost cry when i see it too!!