Sunday, December 19, 2010

Flying Tips

I'm sure most of you are getting irritated by all the new security things going on in the airports.
Sure they keep us safer, but they are quite embarrassing and strange.
In case you don't know what I'm talking about... I'm talking about the full body scans and (especially) the new pat down rules. They used to only feel with the back of their hands for guns and such, and left you some privacy with where they "feel" and not "feel". Not that way anymore! They can now use their palm of their hand to pat, and even grab. And they feel everywhere. ( heard me) Which it kinda makes sense....since several "bad" "dangerous" things have been found in awkward places like that. But still....eeewwww.
So my sister said she read something with some tips to keep the security check as easy breezy as possible.
Wear tight fitting pants and shirts
No layers
Easy slip on shoes
No skirts
No wire bra
But still make sure you're comfortable on your flight. :)
If you follow these tips, you are more likely not to have to go through those weird pat downs.

Happy flying!


Beth Ann said...

Great tips!! I like it. :D

Rae said...

Love flying.. :) fluffy clouds.. bags of peanuts.. :) etc.. thanks for the tips.. good to keep in mind..

Amber Noella said...

These are good to keep in mind! It's just...what about the modesty issue?

*Ashley* said...

amber- you can easily be modest. when i say tight fitting clothes, i dont mean like spandex...just not a baggy tshirt and cargo pants and stuff. and with not wearing layers...just find a somewhat tightish fitting, high neck line shirt. i can post an exmple if you would like...