Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Magical Moment *5*

Disney challenge week 5 What is your favorite Disney kiss? 1) Aladdin- when Jasmine is on her balcony and Aladdin is standing on "carpet" and "carpet" pushes Aladdin up and....yea, you get the picture. I'm ruining it trying to describe it. lol 2) Beauty and the Beast 3) Princess and the Frog- I mean, kissing a frog? How cool is that? ;)
So what is your favorite Disney kiss? Come on, don't be shy. ;) You can try to describe why you like it if you want. But don't ruin the moment like i did. *snicker, snicker*


Beth Ann said...

I like the one in Tarzan :P but the Aladdin was pretty cute too. Ha, I agree about the Princess and the Frog, that was interesting. lol

Marie said...

The Aladdin kiss is my favorite too! Definitely one that always makes my heart go "awww!" :)