Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion True or False Quiz

I am helping with a homemaking class every Thurs. And this week we are talking about modesty and fashion. So, I thought I would put together a little true or false quiz for them. What do ya think? Can you think of anything else to add? True or False: You should wear clothes that are too tight for you because they make you look thin. False. They only make you look bulky.     Don’t mix metals in jewelry. Gold and silver don't really match. True   Printed scarves with printed outfits looks great. False it hardly ever looks good. It’s usually “too much”   -Black matches some things. False it matches everything -White matches anything True -Wearing horozontal stripes, pants or tops makes you look skinnier. False. Be careful that the stripes aren't too wide. They'll make even the smallest person look bigger than she really is -It is good to combine two different patterns (Ex. plaid and polka dots) False. It just looks plain bad. -It's always good to have a few basic color camis in you closet for layering or just to emphasize. True -Dark wash jeans are more dressy, light washed jeans are more laid-back and playful. True -Black is slimming True -Wearing leggings as pants is comfy and cute. False. They are too tight and immodest.      


Beth Ann said...

You are helping teach a class on Thursday? Cool! :D Who all is in the class?

The quiz looks really neat. One thing I was thinking was that I used to think that you couldn't mix metals either but I have seen a lot of necklaces that have gold and silver twisted together, so I don't know if you really *can't* do it, especially since 'anything goes' these days. ;)
The other thing is, while black *is* slimming, the truth is, it just doesn't look good on everybody- one thing you could discuss when it comes to that question is that since everyone as different skin tones, different *shades* look better on different people. Like red might look great on someone...but you might mean a light pastel red, not electra-red. ;)
Let me know how it goes!

Natasha Atkerson said...

I can't think of anything to add! Maybe:
You have to dress in ugly old ladies clothes to be modest?