Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shopping Diet day 6- Headin off in a Hurry

Shopping Diet day 6- Headin off in a Hurry
Was hurrying off to the movies.....so, not the best pics of me but....hey they work. ;)

What I'm wearing:

shirt- Walmart

shorts- Goodwill

flipflops- Walmart

necklace- a friend made it!

purse- no clue ;P

If you all haven't seen Dispicable Me.....GO!!! So cute and funny!!!!


Natasha Atkerson said...

I hope you don't take this wrong, and I say this in sisterly love,
do you think those shorts are kind of short?
I adore your necklace, and the flip flops (who can go wrong with flip flops?!)

*Ashley* said...

hey i dont take it wrong...and they are shorter than I ususally wear. funny you should mention this to me today. i think God has been talking to me about changing some things that i wear. i have always thought i was a very modest dresser but i got on this amazing website called rebelution.com and looked at their modesty survey. it gives you an idea of what is tempting for guys and what is ok. so what you just said fits in perfectly with what i read today! :) i think those shorts may go in the yard sale pile.... but you have to remember....this whole challenge thing is about digging in your closet and pulling out clothes you dont wear often...which is what i did with this outfit. so..obviously not all of the outfits will look too great. lol thanks for the sisterly love natasha. :)