Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shopping Diet- day 3

Day 3: A Little Chilly
Today was a little bit chilly. My sister had her first soccer game this morning and I was FREEZING! That's not quite right for Aug. But it feels great out this afternoon!
What I'm wearing: shirt- don't remember...I found it in my closet the other day. lol jeans- either JCPennys or Kohls... jacket- DEBS


Beth Ann said...

Emily wore a jacket and flip flops as well today. :) I love white flipflops...need to get a pair. ahem. ;) Had any struggles or temptation yet with the challege? I walked into Walmart this morning and spotted another one of the purple dresses that Katelyn wore, in the clearance section, I was like "yes! It's still here!...oh...yeah." lol ;)

*Ashley* said...

no...not yet. but im sure i will. emi is keeping on me tho. shes always like "now clothes!" *rolls eyes* ;)