Monday, September 27, 2010

Almost There!!!

Ok, just wanted to let ya'll know that I am still doing the shopping diet challenge. I have just not had enough time to take/post pics of me every day. But as of today...I have not bought a single item of clothing/accessory. (I have been given some gifts....but that doesn't count does it? I didn't buy it....) It actually hasn't been as hard as I thought! Although....I am sure craving some thrift store rummaging and mall shopping! I would encourage you girls (whatever girls read my blog....not really sure as of now) to consider challenging yourself with a challenge like this. I know alot of girls spend quite a large amount of money on clothes they really don't need. (let me tell ya...I was one of them!!!) You will feel so encouraged once you have completed the challenge.....and you will have some extra moola in your pocket as well. God bless Ash


Amber Noella said...

Good for you! Way to go!

Daughter of the King said...

WhooHoo! Way to go on that shopping diet, girl! I go clothes shopping maybe once or twice a year, but only if my clothes have been wore out or have holes in them. It's been an interesting challenge for you I am sure, but you are doing so hang in there! =)

*Ashley* said...

thanks girls amber and sarah!
sarah- i envy you! shopping is like a hobby for me...but it gets expencive! sometimes i wish i was just happy with what i have...but i am working on that!!! :)