Friday, December 9, 2011

Crafty Wrapping

This year I do believe that giving will be more fun than recieving.
I have had so much fun wrapping my friend's gifts and making them all "fancy like".
I was thrilled to find that we had plain brown paper in the cellar and that I found a
whole box full of old ribbon that hadn't been touched for years.
Yay for treasures in cellars!
I thought they turned out quite cute, compared to my wrapping from the previous years. This is totally random but....should I grow my hair out or keep it short? I just can't decide! Everytime it gets about shoulder length I get impatient and chop it off again. This coming Sunday my sister Emi and I are going to sing our annual song, "All is Well". And then after that, our friend Brit is going to join us to sing "Mary Did You Know". And then Sunday the 18th, Emi, Brit, and I are singing a song that I was introduced to this year called "Labor of Love". It is a gorgeous song that is so touching. Here is a video of Point of Grace singing it similar to the way we are going to sing it. Tell me what you think. :)


KatySue Pillsbury said...

I love your wrapping! I may have to steal the idea!
I love Mary Did You Know, it's my fav Christmas Song!

Marie said...

Love that wrapping! brown paper is my FAVORITE. :)

Beth Ann said...

I must have forgotten to comment! lol Thought this post was really cute -who can't help fall in love with brown paper packages tied up with strings? ;)

Did you cut your hair yet?