Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Heart Nerds......

......and their style. I find it funny that what I once thought was nerdy and geeky, is actually looking quite cute now. First off, the glasses. I broke my dad's huge glasses when I was a baby cause I didn't like them. But now...I want some! What goes around comes around I suppose.
Next up, plaid. I always used to think.... eww I look like a school girl. But now I think it makes any outfit look really cute and different. I mean, who would have thought to put it with a fancy-ish black dress? And those socks with booties? Old me- Blech! New me- oh cool! yeah...just like that.
So I used to think that old plain sweaters were boring and granny looking. Same with that knee length pleated skirt. But I think that no longer! I have actually bought myself several "plain" sweaters at Goodwill this fall. And I love em. (still haven't gotten to the 'nerd' point of popping my collar though. and i'm not sure i ever will.)
I just love everything about this outfit. The mixtures of patterns, the glasses, the odd color skinny jeans, and especially the red heels. Honestly I can't see me being that...bold. But I definitely don't go, "eww... that's weird" anymore.
So yes, I do believe that our style sense changes. What I used to hate, I now think is adorb. And what I used to love, I think is kinda dumb now. (i might give some examples of that in a post later on)
Is there anything clothing wise that you used to hate, but now love?


Marie said...

I love these photos! Nerd style is super cute. I've always been a fan. :)

Beth Ann said...

*Gasp*, that last outfit is darling!! lol And I love that mustard colored sweater. :D

Hmm, well I used to tuck my shirt in when I was really little, then thought it was nerdy. But nerdy is good! haha If done right, right? ;P