Thursday, September 15, 2011

Links to the Past...

So I have been having a major case of writers block.
My mind has been so focused on work, school, and making sure everything on my schedule
gets done...that I don't have much time or energy left for creativity!
It's quite sad.
So I decided today to just post some links back to some of my "deeper posts" that
I have written in the past.
(yes...i do occasionally write deep stuff) ;p
We all struggle with worry in one form or another.
It not only drains you emotionally, physically and spiritually; it displeases God as well.
I have found 3 ways to begin "Getting Out of the Snare of Worry"
Depression. A deep, intimate topic/word that we often use quite loosely.
Here are a few ways to help dissolve your depressing and negative thoughts.
"Trusting God, Even When Life Hurts" is a great book written by Jerry Bridges.
In this post I have written a few little quotes from the book that really stood out to me. *********************
"A Letter From Your Future Husband" was something I found in a BRIO
magazine sometime ago. Ever wonder what your future husband might be thinking?
This letter might give you an idea.
How many times have we ignored the voice of the Holy Spirit?
Was it on purpose...or unintentionally?
Here is a little story about how my sister responded to the Holy Spirit's voice one day.