Friday, September 23, 2011

Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Do you ever open your closet, dig through your drawers, look though your accessories
and think, "wow, my wardrobe is just drab! I don't have anything to wear!"
(when really...your closet is packed full and your drawers are overflowing)
Don't go running out to buy more clothes, do something with the ones you have.
Spice up your wardrobe with these DIY ideas.
Use a bleach pen on a plain boring t-shirt.
Draw whatever you want!
Need some headbands? Cut up an old t-shirt and put your braiding skills to use!
Here is a tutorial on how to make 9 different fabric flowers.
Glue them to a pin, and you can put them on anything you want! Got some shirts that just don't fit quite right? They're a little big and baggy, so you just don't wear them and they just take up valuable space in your drawers. Use this tutorial to make those shirts wearable! Put your braiding skills to use once again and make these prettyful necklaces. This isn't a tutorial, but I just though that making button rings is such a good and cute idea!
Go for it! Be creative! Spice up that wardrobe of yours! Save money!


Beth Ann said...

I love those rings!! And I've been wanting to try the bleach pen shirts. :) Yay for saving money! lol

Marie said...

Ohh thanks for the photos.. these are some great ideas!!