Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surprise Birthday Party!

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I have always wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for someone.
So today, let's use our IMAGINATIONS!
Let's pretend we are throwing a cute summery surprise birthday party for a
sister, cousin, mother, or close friend.
Let's get busy!!
First we have to pick out the location and the decorations.
We could have a whimsical "Alice in Wonderland" type tea party in the back yard.
We need someone to pick out the flowers, someone to spray paint some old chairs,
and someone to bring and find a way to hang a neat chandelier.
Or if it's just gonna be a few of us girl friends, we could go a little rustic.
I mean, who needs chairs? Pillows on the ground are just as good.
It's like a picnic...for fairies!
Oh, but what if alot of people are coming?
Maybe we could rent out a nice dining room or church fellowship hall We can then find some Redwood tree branches (fake or real)
and we need lots of candles!
All that seems like alot of work.
How about we just have the party outside under my grandma's big tree.
We just need to bring a big table and some chairs,
and hang some decorations from the tree branches. Maybe even some lights! Not to mention, there is plenty of shade.
Alright, the location is picked out. Great!
Now for the best part....the food!
I think we will only have refreshment/dessert type foods, not a whole meal.
Too much trouble.
Let's see, what should we have?
Raspberry cheesecake tarts? I even need to think about this?
Of course we will have them!
I don't know how to make cheesecake though, can you make it?
Oh, I can make these fruit tacos!
What they are is fruit and this sugary creamcheese mixture inside a sugar cookie.
I'm getting hungry already! OK, now what about drinks?
Wow, this strawberry lemonade punch looks good.
Let's go with this!
Or for those who can't have sugar or are on a diet (like me)
we can have some ice water with these real fruit ice cubes available for extra flavor. Good! Food is done!
We need to wrap up that special gift we got her!
How should we do it?
We could go for a frilly girly look and use cupcake cups to make little flowers.
Or we could just wrap it in plain paper (doesn't have to be brown)
and make little flag pendants or sting puff balls for a celebration look.I think I'll do this one. Just wrap different color yarn around the plain wrapped gift.
I have some yard I need to use up anyways.

Are we done? Oh wait, not yet! We need the invitations!

We could go for this cool little 3D effect....

Or cut out polka dots out of bright paper.

Make little button flowers! This one is probably the easiest.

But I must say, I like this one the best.

Punch out different color flowers and glue buttons on top. Nice!

All right. Now we are done! Whew!
Coming up with a party is a lot of work!!
But the hardest part is still to come, keeping the secret!
I won't tell if you won't.....;)
Can't wait to see her face!


Rachel said...

Haha, this is adorable. I just had a party kind of like the ones you just decribed. It's alot of work but fun!

Beth Ann said...

That was just the cutest post ever!! I am drooling right now... Ah, a summer party, how dreamy. As soon as Katelyn get's back...

Rae said...

aw.. sooo cool..
So when are we going throw this party?? ;) lol