Friday, May 6, 2011


Charlie is just so cool like.
Don't believe me? Check him out yourself!
He is also on my top 5 favorite Youtubers list.
My friends actually introduced me to Charlie McDonnell.
At first I was like, this dude is wierd....but then I was like...
he is kind of cute...and funny....and wierd.
If I am having a bad day, this little ray of sunshine can always cheer me up with his
clever little songs, crazy "Challenge Charlies", and funny facial expressions.
So if you like British accents (did i mention he's from Englad?), ukuleles, crazy challenges,
unique fun songs, and Dr. Who, this guy is for you.
Just a warning: he is a atheist and believes in Darwinism.
And in some of his flicks, he makes it quite clear.
Just thought I would warn you. He is still awesome in my book. :)


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Oh my gosh, he is so funny! I love the one when he tries to talk in an American accent! I wish I spoke with a cool accent, everyone just makes fun of our American accent!

Antonia said...

Charlie is awesome! He was the first YouTuber I found and get interested in. Many others followed, but he was the first one. He's really funny and cool :)

Beth Ann said...

Should never have told you about him....haha just kidding..kind of. :P

Ley Firewalker said...

Oh, I think I've seen his videos before. ;P

-Ley <3