Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordy Wednesday ~ Adventure

Have you ever gone on an adventure?
What is something adventurous you really want to do?
Happy Wednesday!


Beth Ann said...

I love it, love it, loooovve it! lol Adventurous quotes always get me excited. ;)

Rachel said...

Nice pictures :) I always wanted to explore in Latin Amercia.. See the reain forests.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I try to make EVERY DAY my adventure! And every day is an adventure if your perspective is right...and if God's doing all of the leading!

I love Love LOVE all of these little sayings!! Wherever did you find them all, Ashley??

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I've never really been on an adventure, but I'd love to go to Italy or go skydiving.

-Barriss :-D

*Ashley* said...

beth- ha me too. they just perk me up and make me excited for what's to come!

rachel- oh you and me both sister! been on my bucket list for years!

sarah- you are totally right! i always try to keep that in mind.
i got them off of you can find all kind of cool pics on there. i guess i should put that somewhere on my post huh? lol

barriss- Italy....yes!! skydiving.... no way!!! lol

Rae said...

Love the second photo/saying.. :)
Wish I could "leap" more easily