Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Band Perry

I am a fairly new country music lover.
Everytime I hop in the car, I always flip to one of the 6 or 7 country stations in my area.
(yea, it's hard not to like country music when that is practically all that plays around here.)
I am always finding new songs and artists that catch my attention.
One of the more recent one is The Band Perry.
The Band Perry is made up of sister Kimberly and her two younger brothers.
Not only do I love Kimberly's voice and their style of music, but her fashion is fantastic.
I love every single thing she wears.
I think it's so cool how her clothes have a country feel, yet they are vintage looking.
Not to mention...pretty modest.
(more modest than Taylor Swift I must say...)
The outfit above is probably my most favorite. :)
This pic below is a scene in their music video "If I Die Young"
Her dress is adorable!
I recommend you check out their music videos on youtube.
They are cute and quite entertaining.
I love getting my guitar out and trying to play along with them.
(note the *trying*)
Have a fantastic day ya'll.


Jedi~Chick said...

I LOVE THE BAND PERRY!!!!!!!!!! I just bought If I Die Young on iTunes yesterday!!!! Her clothes are beyond adorable!!!!! ;) Cool pictures! I also love Hip to my Heart. That's one of my all time favorite songs. ;) Great post!

Polka Dot said...

She is adorable, her style is great, and her voice is superb. Their song and video for "If I Die Young" are just amazing. However.... the brothers creep me out. A lot. They really need some hair styling counseling.

KatySue Pillsbury said...

Love them! I'm going to attempt to recreate the dress from if I Die Young.....hopefully it goes well!

*Ashley* said...

jedi chick- i have those songs too! "if i die young" is like my favorite song to play on guitar now, and "hip to my heart" is so groovy. :)

polka dot- i know right? they look like they are from the 70's..which isnt always bad...but this time..it is! if they would just chop their hair off...much better.

katy sue- wow really? are you gonna post it when your done?? bet itll look great!

Rae said...

I'll admit.. creepy brothers! lol
But I do love If I Die Young..
Might have to look up some more of their songs... since you said you like em.. :) :)
PS love your music posts!!

Beth Ann said...

Same here..I don't know how many times I have listened to If I Die Young. lol I've heard it before on the radio several times. Isn't country music great? Hmm?? ;) That picture with the dog in it is really cool. :D