Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is Here!

Well today is the "official" start to the O.C.T challenge. (even though I have been doing it for several days now.)
How is it going so far? It's harder than you thought huh? Same here!
But I find it rather fun....even though it takes quite a bit longer than normal.
Doing "out of the normal" nice things for people take quite a bit extra time out of your busy schedule doesn't it? And that is exactly how Satan wants it. He wants us to be so busy that we don't notice or have time for reaching out and showing God's love to people, even through something as tiny
as leaving some nice comments on some nice blogs.
I am glad that many of you have decided to take up the challenge. Several of you have mentioned how you may not have time to leave a comment on every single blog you read every single day.
That's fine...there is no prize at the end of this challenge or penalty if you don't complete it.
I just wanted to make you think before you quickly exit out of every blog you read.
So try your hardest and I shall try mine!
Onward!!! ;p


Leia Skywalker Organa said...

Yup, I've started already, too. =)

-Leia <3

Anonymous said...

I've started as well, although I couldn't really get on blogger much yesterday. It certainly is a challenge!!

-Barriss :-D

Christianna said...

I saw this challenge over at Joanna's blog and decided to take it up as well. Thanks for the idea!