Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting Healthy is Fun! (sarcasm...)

*Must have.....craving....gonna die.....ahhhhh!!!!*
In case your wondering, that's what's going through my mind right about now.
Let's rewind first.
Hi! My name is Ashley!
Ok, too far....
Last Monday, I started a supertyduper strict diet. I mean, it's crazy.
Here is what I cannot have:
bread (or anything with yeast)
anything vinegary (no pickles! whaaa!!!)
dairy (which is hard since i put cheese on everything!)
sugar (including gum)
So yes, is quite hard.
This is what I feel like.

Mmmm.....gotta love those greens.

Why am I doing this to myself you may ask?
Cause I have tummy problems, and I am sick of it.
And so far it is working! Haven't had a tummy ache since!
So after 9 days, I gradually introduce one thing at a time back into my diet.
If it gives me a stomach ache, it's OUT OF HERE!!!
Not only am I not eating....I am working out everyday too!
And boy am I feeling it. It is hurting my arms just typing this!
I'm such a wimp... My friends showed me this awesome website produced by this really cool (and toned)
chick who has really quick and tough workouts.
Her link is here.
Usually her instructions are on the site, and the video is on youtube.
Warning! Her outfits are quite immodest. Just thought I would let ya know.
Thanks Emily! Thanks to you I'm sore! Gosh...some friend you are... ;p
Just kidding, if I lose weight, I owe it to you!
Are you tearing up yet? tee hee


Beth Ann said...

Hahahaha, this post was hilarious. :D :P
Oh, and thanks for making me feel bad. Nice. lol
Get me the name of the book you mentioned and I will look into it. ;)

EmilyL said...

haha love this post! You go Girl! :) I'm typing this through tears of pride and joy btw lol ;)I'm glad you like it (okay at least as much as anyone can enjoy 15-20min of pure torcher ;) I think its awesome that someone would do what she's doing for free! Every other exercise site ive been to is always trying to sell you something. And its usually not worth the price.

KatySue Pillsbury said...

Good luck!=)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Good luck to you girl!! =P

*Ashley* said...

beth and emily- ha thanks, glad you thought it was funny. i tried really hard. (sad how i have to TRY to be funny....)

katysue and sarah- thanks i will need it!!!