Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Goes It?

So people, how is the O.C.T Challenge going so far? It's been over a week,
so if you're still in it.....
I'm still chugging away at it. It's pretty fun, but it is soooo easy to just
click the big X button quickly after reading a post.
So tell me how it's going with you.
Well I thought I would just mention some things that are going on with me lately.
I finished Algebra II. YES!!!! So I am done with all highschool math.
Now my Dad wants me to take the Algebra CLEP Test. Yikes.
It looks hard and I am officially scared.
Let me tell ya, math is not my all.
Today is also the first 4-H meeting of the year. I've been in 4-H for like 7 or 8 years now.
But this is my last year. :( Good memories all around.
This year I am only doing Fine Arts.
I am hoping to enter my new style of drawing. I don't know how good it will do but,
might as well try and see.
Well that is all for me lately.
How have ya'll been?
Peace out!


Jedi~Chick said...

HI *Ashley*!! ;) I'm still working at the O.C.T. challenge, it's a great idea, and I'm glad to be apart of it!! ;D Congratulations on your math....I'm having trouble with mine now....

Have fun in 4-H!! :D

Jedi~Chick <3

KatySue Pillsbury said...

It's going well, it's crazy how much longer it takes me to get through my blog roll! It's been super fun though!
I have learned to hate the so called "word verification"! It wouldn't bug me so much if they used actual words.....plodsk, I mean what's that? ;-)

*Ashley* said...

jedi chick- yay! im glad your still doing it! thanks and will do. :)

katy sue- im glad ur still doing it also! i know i hate those stupid spam checker thingys.!

Barriss Offee said...

The challenge is going well, although I've missed a few posts. But it certainly is a challenge!!

Cool! You finished your math books! I'm currently doing Algebra in my book. It's...interesting...

-Barriss :-D